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Amazon Aptitude Questions and Answers 2024 | Amazon Aptitude Solved Questions & Answers | Amazon Aptitude Test Questions PDF | Amazon Aptitude Questions For Freshers | Amazon Aptitude MCQ Questions and Answers

Amazon Aptitude Questions and Answers 2024: After gaining access to the Amazon Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF, the candidate can align their preparation with the questions that will be asked in the Amazon Aptitude Exam. This could be assisted by using the Amazon Aptitude Questions PDF or the Amazon Aptitude Test Questions and Answers PDF. After completing the Amazon Aptitude Syllabus, you must finish the Amazon Aptitude Previous Year questions and answers. You will be able to evaluate your current level of exam preparation thanks to this. If you want to get more prepared, you have to practice solving them on a regular basis. More details like Amazon Aptitude Questions, Amazon Aptitude Questions With Answers, Amazon Aptitude Cut Off, result, Amazon Salary, Hike, Increment, etc. on this page

Amazon Aptitude Test Questions and Answers 2024

Q)  A defeats B by 20 meters in the 200-meter race, whereas B defeats C by 5 meters in the 100-meter contest. In a kilometer race, A defeats C by

  1. 105 meters
  2. 225 meters
  3. 205 meters
  4. 145 meters

ANSWER:  Option D


When A = 200, B = 180.
When B = 100, C = 95.
Make B = 900. A will be 1000. C will be 855.

Q)  Each of the four locations sells tomatoes for 1 kilogram, 2 kg, 3 kg, and 4 kg per rupee, respectively. He has spent each rupee on an average of x kg of tomatoes. Then the value of x is

  1. 2
  2. 2.5
  3. 1.92
  4. None of these

ANSWER: Option B

Elucidation: x = 10/4 = 2.5

Q) When 75% of a number is added to 75, the result is the same number. The number is

  1. 150
  2. 300
  3. 100
  4. 450

ANSWER: Option B

Let the number be equal to x.
3x/4 +75 = x
Hence x=300

Q) If P : Q = 3 : 4 and Q : R = 5 : 6, then P : Q : R is

  1. 3 : 4 : 6
  2. 3 : 5 : 6
  3. 15 : 20 : 24
  4. 5 : 6 : 3

ANSWER: Option C


P:Q=3:4, Q:R=5:6, P:Q:R=3×5:5×4:6×4
⇒ 15:20:24

Q) If 5 spiders can catch five flies in five minutes, how many flies can hundred spiders catch in 100 minutes?

  1. 100
  2. 1000
  3. 500
  4. 2000

ANSWER: Option D

Elucidation: 5 × 5 × x = 100 × 100 × 5 ⇒ x = 2000

Q) A car travels 25km an hour faster than a bus for a journey of 500km. If the bus takes 10 hours more than the car, then the speeds of the bus and the car are

  1. 25km/hr and 40km/hr respectively
  2. 25km/hr and 60 km/hr respectively
  3. 25km/hr and 50km/hr respectively
  4. None of these

ANSWER: Option C


Let the speeds of the bus and car be x and y. Here, y = x +25
As per the question, (500/x)-(500/x+25)=10
⇒ 500(x + 25) − 500(x) =10x(x+25) ⇒ x = 25, y = 50.
For such questions, you can also use direct substitution from the given choices

Q) The value of 51/4 × (125)0.25 is

  1. 5
  2. 25
  3. 50
  4. 10

ANSWER: Option A

Elucidation: 51/4 × (125)0.25 =51/4 + 3/4 =51 =5

Q) In seven years, a sum of money doubles in value. How long till it multiplies by four?

  1. 35 years
  2. 28 years
  3. 14 years
  4. 21 years

ANSWER: Option D


Double in seven years.
So 4 times will be in = 7 × (4 − 1) = 21 years.

Q) If the slow train travels at a pace that is 10 km/hr slower than the fast train, the two trains’ travel times for a 600 km route are reduced by 3 hours.

  1. 60 km/hr and 70 km/hr
  2. 50 km/hr and 60 km/hr
  3. 40 km/hr and 50 km/hr
  4. 30 km/hr and 40 km/hr

ANSWER: Option C


Solving this, we get x = 40

Q) An article is bought for Rs. 600 and sold for Rs. 750. The gain percent is:

  1. 20%
  2. 25%
  3. 30%
  4. None

ANSWER: Option B

Amazon Numerical Reasoning Questions & Answers

Which company has the highest annual profit per employee?

Company Company Annual Profit  Cost to Buy Company Number of Employees
A 20, 000 18, 000 5
B 26, 000 25, 000 8
C 21, 000 20, 000 8
D 30, 000 30, 000 18

This question is rather straightforward, simply divide the profits of each company by the number of employees each company has.

Answer: Company A

Between which two months was there the smallest proportional increase or decrease in the mileage of Surveyor 1 in comparison to the previous month?

Aptitude Test Sample Question

A) Months 1 and 2
B) Months 2 and 3
C) Months 3 and 4
D) Months 4 and 5
E) Cannot say

Answer: The correct answer is (D)


To determine the rate of increase or decrease between two months, use this formula:
| Mileage in the current month – Mileage in the previous month| / Mileage in the previous month

  • Between months 1 and 2: |3,256 ― 2,675| / 2,675 = 0.217 = 21.7%
  • Between months 2 and 3: |1,890 ― 3,256| / 3,256 = 0.419 = 41.9%
  • Between months 3 and 4: |3,892 ― 1,890| / 1,890 = 1.059 = 105.9%
  • Between months 4 and 5: |3,401 ― 3,892| / 3,892 = 0.126 = 12.6%
  • The answer is Months 4 and 5.

Amazon Verbal Reasoning Questions & Answers

Financial incentives had no part to play in the development of the gun

verbal reasoning test question passage states: Ever since the gun's invention it has been changing the world in many different ways. Many of the developments in gun design have been brought about by man's desire to protect himself, and the challenge of inventing bigger and more accurate weapons. Each time there has been a major innovation in the development of the gun, there has been a profound effect on the world. Then gun helped in the exploration of the world, it also helped in the development of society as we know it.







The passage does not mention financial incentives or economic gain, so we cannot tell from the information in the passage alone.

Answer: So the correct answer is Cannot Say.

If the first two statements below are true, is the third statement true?

A) Mr. Brown’s rabbits are grey.

B) All grey creatures are kind.

C) Mr. Brown’s rabbits are unkind.

Answer: The final statement is not true.

Because Mr. Brown’s rabbits are grey and all grey creatures are kind, we can deduce that Mr. Brown’s rabbits are definitely kind.

Amazon Cognitive Ability Questions & Answer

A dress was initially marked at $150, and a pair of jeans were priced at $50. If Emily got a 40% discount off the dress and a 20% discount on the jeans, what was the total percentage she saved on her purchases?

A. 27%

B. 35%

C. 45%

D. 50%

E. 60%


To find the total percentage Emily saved, you need to divide the savings by the total pre-sale cost.

Saving on dress: $150 × 40% = $60

Saving on jeans: $50 × 20% = $10

Total savings: $60 + $10 = $70

Total pre-sale cost: $150 + $50 = $200

Total savings in percent: 70/200

Cancel both the numerator and denominator, by 2:

(70÷2)/(200÷2) = 35/100 = 35%

Amazon Abstract Reasoning Questions & Answers

Look at the two sets of shapes. Then determine whether a test shape belongs in Set A, Set B or neither.

Aptitude Test Preparation

The following test shape belongs to:

A) Set A

B) Set B

C) Neither

Answer: (A)


Set A: If the arrow points upwards, it crosses only the square. If it points to any other direction it crosses both the square and the triangle.

Set B: One type of shape (triangle, arrow, etc.) appears 3 times.

The test shape belongs to set A, since the arrow points upwards and crosses the square.

Amazon Critical Thinking Test Questions & Answer

Everyone who has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea has encountered a personal battle owing to the disease. For example, Vicki suffered from depression and lost her job, while Bill felt a strain on his marriage.

Proposed assumption: Vicki and Bill encountered a personal battle because they couldn’t come to terms with their disease.

A. Conclusion follows

B. Conclusion does not follow

Answer: B (Conclusion does not follow)


It is plausible that the reason people who suffer from sleep apnoea encounter a personal battle is because of an inability to come to terms with this disease. However, since the passage does not provide an actual reason, you cannot reach this conclusion without reasonable doubt.

Amazon Inductive Reasoning Questions & Answers

Look at the sequence of images. Then pick the image that goes with Z the same way that Y goes with X.

Inductive Reasoning test question

Answer: 3


The relationship between figure X and figure Y is as follows:
1) The outer shape of figure Y is the same as the inner shape of figure X.
2) The format of the outer shape of figure Y (dotted line) has the same format as the outer shape of figure X.
3) The inner shape does not change.

The correct answer must have the same relationship with figure Z.

Answers 1, 4 and 5 can be eliminated as they show a change to the inner shape.
Answer 2 can be eliminated as the outer shape is in a different format than that of the outer shape in figure Z. In other words, the outer shape in figure Z has a solid line, so the outer shape of the correct answer must also have a solid line.

We are left with answer 3, which is the correct answer, as the outer shape takes on the form of the inner shape in figure Z, i.e. it becomes a circle, the format of the outer shape is the same format as that of figure Z (solid line), and the inner shape does not change.

Amazon Spatial Questions & Answers

Which net can be folded to form the given shape?

spatial reasoning test question  spatial reasoning test answer options

This question requires some mental gymnastics

Answer: Option C

spatial reasoning sample question 1

Answer: B


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