How to Prepare for Govt Exams – List of Best Books to refer for Government Job Exams

Which are the best books to be referred for Government Job Exams?

The demand for Government jobs is on its peak. Most of the graduates are preparing for Government job exams. In such huge competition one must follow the optimal ways to success by choosing right set of books from just day one. Through this article we will provide you with all important pieces of information for selecting best option.

The books should be selected on certain parameters like: Covers Complete syllabus.

  • Easy to learn all basic concepts.
  • High-Quality question for practice.
  • Recommended by Qualified Candidates.

The set of books depends on the type of govt job exam you are preparing for. In general there are two main categories, SSC and Banking. One can categories exams in these two main categories. For example exam for jobs in Indian Railways can be categorized in SSC category and exam for jobs in NICL can be categorized in banking category. We will be covering both categories one by one.

Government Job ExamsList of Books for SSC exams: –

In this category of exams there are mainly four sections, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language and General Knowledge. All sections are equally important in these exams. The candidates are required to score well in all sections for securing good rank in exam. The selection of book is important. The complete information of books is given in the table below.

SectionBook TitleAuthor / PublisherWhy this Book
ReasoningVerbal and Non Verbal ReasoningR.S AggarwalThis book covers all important topics. The type and number of questions are sufficient enough. The questions from previous years are also included.
Quantitative AptitudeSSC MathematicsRakesh YadavThis book has been written in such a way that all Important types are covered chapter wise. The questions from previous years are also included in this book. The solutions are also provided in very lucid way, you will be able to solve complex questions in optimal way.
English Language and ComprehensionGeneral EnglishS.P BakshiThe general concepts of English are illustrated in a very easy way; the language used is quite simple. The questions to practice are of good quality.
Word Power Made EasyNorman LewisThe vocabulary is taught in a very interesting way, using root words methodology. After completing this book you will be able to learn a lot of basic words very easily. It also covers one word substitution part.
General KnowledgeSSC General Studies SolvedGhatna ChakraGeneral knowledge can be a little bit boring, but this book follows very interesting methodology, the syllabuses off all topics are covered in the form of questions. The previous year’s questions are also covered in this book.
Current AffairsPratiyogita Darpan Monthly MagazinePratiyogita Darpan Editorial BoardThe questions on current affairs are very scoring and easy to cover if you cover it regularly. This magazine is super set for current affairs.


The sections for banking exams are similar to SSC exam but the syllabus is quite different. There are certain topics which are very important for banking exams. The selection of books is very important in banking exams. The complete set of books is given below in the table.

SectionSub SectionBook TitleAuthor / Publisher / SourceWhy this Book
ReasoningMiscellaneousA Modern Approach to Verbal and  Non Verbal ReasoningR.S. AggarawalFor miscellaneous topics like syllogism, direction sense, blood relation, inequality, alphabetical series, order and ranking etc. This book illustrates concept in a very easy way and the number of questions are more than sufficient. The candidates complete this book at least once before taking mock tests.
Analytical ReasoningAnalytical ReasoningM.K. PandeyAs per the current trend the weightage of analytical reasoning is increasing at high pace. Therefore a special book for analytical topics is a must. This book contains good quality questions for practice.
Puzzles of high levelReasoningGradeup AppThe puzzle is a very dynamic topic, as the level and type of puzzles keep on changing from exam to exam. This cannot be easily covered by any book as it required regular updates which are possible on online sources only. This app provides up to date and good level of puzzles to practice.
English Language and ComprehensionGrammarA mirror of common of errorsA. K. SinghThis book includes all important concepts on which questions are asked in exams. It includes questions from previous exams also. The candidates should attempt questions from this book in a rational way, the candidates should not rush to the answers instead look for the reason for being correct for each and every sentence.
VocabularyWord Power Made EasyNorman LewisThe vocabulary is taught in a very interesting way, using root words methodology. After completing this book you will be able to learn a lot of basic words very easily. It also covers one word substitution part.
30 Days to More Powerful VocabularyNorman LewisThis book includes the lists of all important words asked in exam very frequently. The methodology used by author is very interesting.
Passages and ComprehensionHow to Read Faster and BetterNorman LewisThe exams are time bounded; the candidates are required to attempt questions in a very limited time. The candidates with fast reading skills will definitely have an extra edge over others. This book builds the habit of reading English language in fast an efficient manner.
Verbal Ability and Reading ComprehensionArun SharmaMerely reading fast is not sufficient, the candidates are required to comprehend the content and answer questions based on it. This ability can be built by following the book written by Arum Sharma.
Quantitative AptitudeArithmeticMagical Book on Quicker Math M TyraThis book illustrates concepts with best fit examples and the shortcuts used in solving questions are very effective and saves a lot of time.
Data InterpretationData InterpretationArun SharmaAs per current trends the weightage of data interpretation has increased a lot. The candidates are required to practice this topic very well in order to score well in quant section. This book provides candidates with sufficient number of questions for practice and at the same time provides short tricks to save time.
General AwarenessBanking AwarenessBanking AwarenessArihantThis section is very scoring if covered well and from a good source. This book covers all topics well. The candidates should attempt quizzes after completing this book.
Current AffairsPratiyogita Darpan Monthly MagazinePratiyogita Darpan Editorial BoardThe current affairs related to banking industry should on tips for the banking aspirants. This magazine is more than sufficient for current affairs. It also includes questions asked in recently conducted exams.
Computer KnowledgeObjective Computer AwarenessArihantThis book covers syllabus well and more than sufficient for banking exams. The candidates are advised to attempt quizzes after completing this book.


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