active voice and passive voice part -1

We have provide the active and passive voice quiz questions and answers for the competitive exams. Active voice and passive voice is a grammar term. Identify the subject and verb in a sentence. The rearranging the sentences from passive to active using the same verb tense. Applicants can use this opportunity and easy to solve the below questions.

Your are right.

1. The goal keeper saved the goal in the last minute.

2. A fresh batch of eggs was collected by the farmers wife.

3. This shirt cannot be worn by me any longer.

4. The agent had disclosed the secret before it was evening.

5. I shall write a letter.

6. Ram gave the beggar an old shirt.

7. She could have done that work.

8. The money was stolen by an employee of the bank.

9. The old lady touched and patted the cow.

10. The pilot landed the plane safely.

11. We have already done the exercise.

12. This box contains ten coins.

13. The students have been punished by the teacher for negligence of duty.

14. We waste much time on trifles.

15. The Greeks expected to win the international trophy.

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