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1. The difference between the local value and the face value of 7 in the numeral 32675149 is

2. If the number 481 * 673 is completely divisible by 9, then the smallest whole number in place of * will be:

3. The difference of two numbers is 1365. On dividing the larger number by the smaller, we get 6 as quotient and the 15 as remainder. What is the smaller number ?

4. The sum of first five prime numbers is:

5. 5358 x 51 = ?

6. Which of the following is a prime number ?

7. How many of the following numbers are divisible by 132 ? 264, 396, 462, 792, 968, 2178, 5184, 6336

8. 1397 x 1397 = ?

9. What least number must be added to 1056, so that the sum is completely divisible by 23 ?

10. Which one of the following is not a prime number?

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