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Dear Aspirants, here you will get the Aptitude questions that asked in various competitive exams. Kindly understand the concept of each & every question for better results. If you want to score high marks in government exams must practice the following questions. You may take this questions as a reference. Keep practicing will assist you to learn time management. Following questions are asked in AIEEE, Bank Exams, CAT, GATE, etc. Read the below MCQ Aptitude question twice clearly and select the best answers. Applicants can clear the written exam while attending the Interview. Here we have provided 10 logical reasoning aptitude questions/ Aptitude online MCQ test/GK aptitude MCQ for placement, competitive exams and others. To know the coding and decoding -logical reasoning questions visit our site.

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1. Two numbers are 20% and 30% less than the third number. If second number less than first calculate the percentage?

2. Ram salary is 40% of Banu salary which is 25% of Siva salary. Find the percentage of Siva salary is Ram salary ?

3. In an election, Three candidates got 1136, 7636 and 11628 votes respectively. Find the percentage of the total votes did the winning candidate get?

4. In a School test, 1100 boys and 700 girls are written a test; pass percentage of the boys and the girls are 42% and 30% respectively. Find the percentage of failed students?

5. Three sellers sale goods in market. First seller sold his goods 25% cheaper than Second seller and 25% dearer than Third seller. Calculate the percentage of Third seller goods cheaper than Second seller goods?

6. Price of a ball is first reduced by 25% and then increased by 20%, What is the difference between the price (in Percentage)?

7. Nishan height is 40% less than the height of Balu, Calculate the percent Balu height is more than the height of Nishan?

8. A man spends his total income in following manner: 35% for food, 25% for his children education and 80% of the remaining for house rent. Calculate the percent of his income kept in his hand?

9. Vino put some Oranges in one box. She gives 40% oranges to her son and had 420 oranges herself. Find the total number?

10. Priya secured 9 marks more than Mala and her marks was 56% of the sum of their marks. Calculate the marks scored by them.

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