Aptitude - Problems on Age

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1. Present age of a person A is two-fifth of the age of his mother. After 8 years, his age will be one-half of the age of his mother. What is the present age of his mother?

2. Sheela father was 38 years of age when she was born while her mother was 36 years old when her brother four years younger to her was born. Find the difference between the ages of her parents?

3. Meena is as much younger than Veena. Veena is older than Tamil. The sum of ages of Veena and Tamil is 50 years, what is the difference between the age of Meena and Veena?

4. Current ages of 3 persons in proportions 4 : 7 : 9. Before 8 years, the sum of the ages of the 3 persons was 56. Find the present age of the 3 persons?

5. Kishore is 7 years younger than Vishal. The ratio between the ages is 7 : 9. Calculate the age of Kishore?

6. The ratio between the current ages of Akash & Varun is 4 : 3. After 6 years, Akash age will be 26 years. Find the present age of Varun?

7. The sum of the present ages of a two persons is 60 years. Before 6 years, Person A age was five times more than the age of the Person B. After 6 years, Calculate the age of Person B?

8. Father is 24 years older than his son. After two years, his age will be double the age of his son. What is the present age of his son?

9. 5 Children are born in the interval of 3 years for each. Sum of age of 5 children is 50 years. Find the Youngest Child age ?

10. Ravi is two years older than Ram. Ram is twice as old as Rahul. Sum of the age of three person is 27. Calculate the age of Ram?

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