Aptitude - Problems on Trains

Here we have provided Aptitude Questions from the Problems on Trains.  Aspirants are advised to understand the concepts in each and every topics. Aptitude questions play a major role in every competitive exams. Problems on trains questions mostly depends on speed, distance & time. Aspirants need to identify the type of the question & how to solve the problems, before trying to find the correct answers. Kindly use this section to develop your practice to crack the examination & secure high score. Keep practice this Aptitude multiple choice questions and answers (MCQ) quiz daily. Refer dailyrecruitment site daily to get more Gk MCQ quiz.

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1. Train A & B are proceed towards at the same speed. Both Trains are with 120 m length & they meet each other in 12 sec. Find the speed of each train?

2. A train traverse a rock in 15 seconds and a 100 m long platform in 25 seconds. What is the length of the train ?

3. A 800 m long train is running at a speed of 78 km/ hr. If the train crosses a tunnel in 1 min. Find the length of the tunnel (in m)?

4. A 360 m long train is running at a speed of 45 km/ hr. How much time will be taken by the train to pass a bridge with length of 140 m ?

5. The distance between two stations A & B is 300 Km. A train leaves station A at the speed of 30 Km/ hr. At the same time another train departs from station B at the speed of 45 Km/hr. What will be the distance of the points where both the trains meet from

6. A & B and Two Trains start at the same time from proceed towards B & A at 36 km/hr. & 42 km/hr. respectively. When they meet, it is found that one train has moved 48 km more than other. Find the distance between A & B?

7. A 120 m long train passes a pole in 24 seconds. How long will it take to pass a platform 450 m long ?

8. A Train running at the speed of 90 km/ hr crosses a pole in 10 seconds. What is the length of the Train?

9. A 200 m long train passes a tunnel of length 300 m then the distance travelled by the train is ?

10. A 100 m long train crossed a standing man. Calculate the distance travelled by the train.

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