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Candidates may get Aptitude Questions from the topic of Simplification problems on TNPSC/simplification problems quiz on Bank exams. This General Knowledge (GK) Quiz is convenient for candidates who are preparing for competitive exams.  Aspirants need to know the basic concepts & tricks to solve the problems. Nowadays, selection process is most of the company in both Government & private sectors contains Aptitude test. Aptitude Test will help the recruiters to pick the potential persons to fulfill their requirements. Keep practicing the Aptitude problems questions & get your dream jobs. Refer dailyrecruitment site to get more gk updates.

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1. If a - b = 3 and a^(2 ) + b^(2 ) = 29, find the value of ab.

2. A man has some hens and cows. If the number of heads be 48 and the number of feet equals 140, then the number of hens will be:

3. Free notebooks are distributed equal among children of a class. The number of notebooks each child got was one-eighth of the no of children. The no of children been half, each child would have got 16 notebooks. Total how many notebooks were distributed ?

4. In a regular week, there are 5 working days and for each day, the working hours are 8. A man gets Rs. 2.40 per hour for regular work and Rs. 3.20 per hours for overtime. If he earns Rs. 432 in 4 weeks, then how many hours does he work for ?

5. To fill a tank, 25 buckets of water is required. How many buckets of water will be required to fill the same tank if the capacity of the bucket is reduced to two-fifth of its present ?

6. One-third of Rahul savings in National Savings Certificate is equal to one-half of his savings in Public Provident Fund. If he has Rs. 1,50,000 as total savings, how much has he saved in Public Provident Fund ?

7. The price of 2 sarees and 4 shirts is Rs. 1600. With the same money one can buy 1 saree and 6 shirts. If one wants to buy 12 shirts, how much shall he have to pay ?

8. The price of 10 chairs and 4 tables are equal. The price of 15 chairs and 2 tables together is Rs. 4000. The total price of 12 chairs and 3 tables is:

9. In two examination halls A and B. If 10 students are sent from A to B, then the number of students in each hall is same. If 20 candidates are sent from B to A, then the number of students in A is double the number of students in hall A is

10. A man has Rs.480 in the denominations of one-rupee notes, five-rupee notes and ten-rupee notes. The number of notes of each denomination is equal. What is the total number of notes that he has ?

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