Aptitude - Volume and Surface Area

Here, we have shared Volume and Surface Area Aptitude questions are given below. Are you searching for Competitive exam questions? Here we are planned to upload Aptitude questions in following topics like Problems on Numbers, Permutation and Combination, True Discounts ect. We are already updated the questions in Problems on Trains, Problems on Ages, Percentage. Given below questions will help you for preparation of Quantitative Aptitude for Bank exams. Candidates also visit the Chain rule aptitude gk mcq / Number series questions and answers gk quiz/analogies -logical reasoning objective type, mcq.

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1. The ratio of heights & radii of bases of two cones are 1:3 and the radii of their bases in the ratio 3:1. Find the ratio of their volumes?

2. The dimension of the wooden block is 5 x 10 x 20 cm. To construct a solid wooden cube of minimum size, Calculate the count of wooden block?

3. A hall with 15 m long and 12 m broad. If the sum of the ceiling and the areas of the floor is same to the sum of the areas of four walls. Find the Volume of a hall?

4. A longest stick was placed in a room 12 m long 8m broad and 9m height. Then calculate the length of the stick.

5. Both radius and height of a cylinder was increased by 20% and 15% respectively. Find % change in curved surface area?

6. A brick with size of 10cm x 4cm x 3cm & calculate the surface area?

7. An open box with dimensions of 50 cm, 40 cm and 23 cm & thickness of 2 cm. 1 cubic cm of metal used in the box weighs 0.5 gms. What is the weight of the box?

8. A boat with length of 3 m and breadth of 2 m is floating on a water. If a man gets on a boat, it sinks by 1 cm. Find the mass of a man?

9. Bricks with measuring of 25cm x 11.25cm x 6cm (each), Calculate the total count of bricks need to build a wall 8m x 6m x 22.5m?

10. In certain area, 5 cm of rain falls. The volume of water that falls on 1.5 hectares of area is:

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