General Science - Chemistry

General Science is one of the most important sections and plays a vital role. Candidates study for at least three of this field like General science Biology, General science Physics and chemistry. Chemistry multiple choice questions with answers are given below. candidate who are preparing for competitive exams may use chance to solve the below the MCQ question. If you study well you will get a good marks in competitive exams. Interested and willing aspirants can also solve this Computer Awareness MCQ quiz, Indian Geography MCQ quiz, Indian Railway MCQ quiz and Modern Indian History MCQ quiz it will helpful for various competitive examinations.

Your are right.

1. Which material is used in the making of the Solar Cells?

2. What is the chemical name of Milk of Magnesia?

3. Solid carbon dioxide is used as_______

4. The value of Avogadro number is ______

5. Quick time has the formula ____

6. Brine is a solution of _____

7. Hypo is ________

8. Raduim was isolated from _____

9. Which of the following isotope of Hydrogen has only one neutron?

10. Which one is the pure element _______

11. The father of modern chemistry is ________

12. Which among the following substances is most suitable for making Compact Discs?

13. Which among the following is Quick Silver?

14. The neutron was discovered by ____

15. Which of the following is not a non-metallic mineral?

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