Logical Reasoning - coding and decoding Part-02

Coding is the most important skills for current and future generations need to learn. In this section, we have shared online verbal reasoning GK questions and answers/coding-decoding gk quiz/aptitude test coding and decoding are given below. Keep practice this logical reasoning online quiz daily it will helpful for interviews, competitive exams and creative way. Try to understand the concept then read the questions twice clearly. Coding related jobs are computer programmer, web developer, full stack developer, computer system engineer etc. This is wonderful opportunity for candidates who are all searching IT jobs and competitive exams. Candidates check the logical reasoning coding and decoding part-01 quiz.

Your are right.

1. In a certain code, CAT is written as SATC and DEAR is written as SEARD. How would SING be written in that code?

2. If POND is coded as RSTL, how is HEAR written in that code?

3. In a certain code, INACTIVE is written as VITCANIE. How is COMPUTER written in that same code?

4. If SYSTEM is coded as SYSMET and NEARER as AENRER, then FRACTION will be coded as

5. If PICTURE is coded as tuvwxyz, then PATCH would be coded as

6. If CARPET is coded as TCEAPR, then the code for NATIONAL would be

7. If PAINTER is written in a code language as NCGPRGP, then REASON would be written as

8. If LINGER is 123456 and FORCE is 56789, then FIERCE is

9. In a certain code, RIPPLE is written as 613382 and LIFE is written as 8192. How is PILLER written in that code?

10. In a certain code SOCIAL is written as TQFMFR, then how you will code DIMPLE?

11. If FESTIVAL is coded as MBWJUTFG, then OPIUM would be coded as

12. In a certain code, PRODUCTS is written as NPMBSARQ. How is COMPREHENSION written in that code?

13. In a certain code, INSTITUTION is written as NOITUTITSNI. How is PERFECTION written in that code?

14. In a certain code, BOXER is written as AQWGQ. How VISIT is written in that code?

15. In a code language if POSE is coded as OQNPRTDF, then the word TYPE will be coded as

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