Article -MCQs Questions with answers

Articles are words that define a nouns. Article is one of the main subject. candidates who are searching for jobs in any private/central government sector you need to develop your skills and knowledge. people those who are attend the competitive exams may use this chance to solve the below questions. Applicants are advised to keep practice every day.

Your are right.

1. She hopes to join ______ university soon.

2. I saw ___ old man yesterday

3. We live on ___ earth

4. I have ___umbrella

5. She was ___ wrong

6. His father is ----- M.L.A

7. English is ----- easy language

8. Honesty is ----- best policy

9. It is ----- Indian restaurant

10. This is ----- car I bought yesterday

11. He is ----- honest man

12. He wants to become ----- engineer

13. Take ----- apple from the basket

14. ----- elephant is a vegetarian

15. Are you attending ----- reception today

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