English Grammar Conjunction Part -1

Conjunctions are very important word used in English. Applicant who are preparing for government exams may use this opportunity to find it below questions .These questions are very useful for upcoming competitive exams like Railway, UPSC, RRB, Bank exams etc. Candidates keep practicing these quiz questions you will get a clear idea about it.

Your are right.

1. Although he is rich ______ He is unhappy.

2. I would rather have a copy_____ a book.

3. No Sooner did the thief see the public ______ he ran away.

4. She is no other_____ my friend

5. Work hard____ you will fail.

6. She is my best friend ______ I will help her.

7. Wait here _____ I come back.

8. Prakash_____ Alex are going to Mumbai.

9. Both Arun _____ Varun are intelligent.

10. Neither she ______ her friend is good.

11. He is wise _____timid.

12. Manikandan will go_____ Karthik house.

13. The laptop is both cheep _____ best.

14. He is ____ good____bad.

15. Hardly had he left _____ his brother came.

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