English Grammar noun and pronoun part-1

Here we have provided the noun quiz question and answers. These quiz questions are very helpful for competitive exams. If you practicing well you will get the good result for all competitive exams.  It will greatly help to improve your English fluency. People who are preparing for railway, ssc, banking exams etc may use this chance to solve the below questions.

Your are right.

1. Kavitha went to the doctor _____ told her to rest for 10 days at least.

2. The woman ______ I met yesterday lent me her umbrella.

3. Prakash is one of my friends _______ I have known for a very long time.

4. She did not know _______ to say then.

5. _______ game do you like?

6. We went to Ranjana’s party ______ we enjoyed very much.

7. _____ does your brother live?

8. Ram is the man _______ son won the scholarship.

9. I gave him all the money ________ I had.

10. _________ did you finish the game?

11. He is a famous scientist about _______many books have been written.

12. The book ______ you gave me is not so useful for learning English speaking.

13. This is the house______ I was born.

14. There is nothing _______ I can do for you.

15. The girl_______ you see at the desk is the receptionist.


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