English Grammar - Part 1

English language is an important role in bank exam and other competitive exam like UPSC, RRB, IAS, RPSC etc. In this page, we have published the some important English grammar questions and answers for competitive exams. Understand the question and meaning then find the answers. candidates who are searching for grammar question may use this opportunity. Practice with the below English Grammar Quiz daily it will improve your skills and reading ability and vocabulary. candidate need to learn this kind of MCQ quiz. Keep track our website daily to get more gk updates.

Your are right.

1. Facilitate is similar in meaning to

2. Pick the correctly spelt word. Is a statement God is Dead.

3. choose the word which is most similar meaning to the given word. Iteration

4. Pick the correctly spelt word. The school alumni gathering put us in a mood.

5. A place where government records are kept.

6. A person one who writes books, stories or articles is called as an author.

7. A person who writes books is called.

8. Improve the bracketed part of the sentence. The guides (knowledge) of the history of the monument surprised me

9. Identify the segment in the sentence which contains the grammatical error.If there is no error, select No error He married with a rich heiress last year

10. At work i am quite reserved. What does it mean.

11. which part of the given sentence has an error. He do not speak of either French or German.

12. Correct the given sentence grammatically. Priya, who is my best friend, is a singer.

13. Correction of sentences What your Sir name is?

14. Correct the sentence Grammatically He went to gym despite of her illness

15. One who possesses many talents One word substitute for the given word is?

This above gk Quiz is convenient for students who are preparing competitive exams. Candidate need to tackle the above grammar questions with confident. This is the best way to success any competitive exams and interviews. Keep an eye on our Daily Recruitment site regularly to get latest job updates /upcoming government exams/GK Quiz.