English Grammar Prepositions part-1

Some important prepositions quiz questions are given below. A prepositions is a word, that shows direction, time, place, location etc. If you can understand  and correctly use the prepositions. It will greatly improve your English fluency. Applicants who are seeking for prepositions questions can use this opportunity to solve the below questions.

Your are right.

1. Good sleep is necessary ____ good health

2. She spoke _____ the subject for hours regularly.

3. Gandhiji fought _____ the freedom of our country.

4. They will go to Kolkata ______ plane.

5. She goes _____ swim every morning.

6. You are going _____ your house.

7. Come _____ me.

8. He came with me _____ the main road.

9. The profits will be equally divided _____ the two partners.

10. Please sit _____ the next bench.

11. He comes _____ 3 O clock.

12. I am used ______ such hardships.

13. Ram has no control ______ his temper.

14. We travelled ______ a boat to reach Sri Lanka.

15. She is sitting _______ the park.

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