English Grammar Prepositions part-2

Here we have provided part -2 prepositions quiz questions and answers for competitive exams. Candidates prepare yourself to pick the correct answers. keep practice everyday. This is easiest way to success the all competitive exams. candidates please solve the part 1 preposition questions and answers also.

Your are right.

1. They have quarelled ____ a piece of land.

2. Vimal agreed ____ me on this point.

3. Radios work ____electricity.

4. The boy jumped ____ the river.

5. The dog lay ____ the table.

6. Divide the apples _____ Karthik and Kumar.

7. He play _____ cricket with his friends.

8. He does not go to office_____ 6 O clock.

9. Do not cry ____ spilt milk.

10. The rivers flows ____the bridge.

11. He is a teacher _____ our school.

12. There is a small cottage ____my farm.

13. He has been living in the house ____ 1992.

14. The profits will be equally divided _____ the shareholders.

15. There is a temple ______ the house

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