English Grammar Tense -Part 1

Tense is the form of  verb that generally represent the time relative to the moment of speaking. Whether it will happen in the future, is happening in the present, happened in the past. Here  you will get the grammar tense questions and answers, keep practice daily. Candidates will you solve this below question and find the correct answers.

Your are right.

1. I will visit the book fair tomorrow.

2. Shakespeare has written dramas appealing to all people of all ages

3. Passengers ______ to smoke in the bus.

4. I _________ ice-cream.

5. The Earth moves round the Sun.

6. They ______ their new car two weeks ago.

7. Ganesh does not like ___________ on weekends.

8. Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar

9. The train had left.

10. Ram __________ the marathon for the first time in 2009.

11. She reads newspaper daily.

12. Did you play tennis yesterday.

13. Ramya is typing

14. It has been raining heavily.

15. He always goes to bed early

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