Logical Reasoning- Classification

When Your preparing for Logical Reasoning, you are in right place. Because our website provides GK Quiz, logical reasoning, Aptitude question etc, updates regularly. Logical reasoning questions are a form of aptitude test commonly used during the recruitment process. This tests will helps to understand the candidates skill. There are lots of topic are in the logical reasoning questions. Candidates should practice some example question daily, they will get an idea about the questions and then they solve the questions easily

Your are right.

1. Choose the word which is least like the other word in a group

2. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and hence form a group, Which one does not belong to the group

3. Choose the pair in which the words are differently related

4. Choose the number, which is different from others in the group

5. In the given option, select the different one from the other three responses

6. Choose the number, which is different from others?

7. Choose the Odd one out

8. Choose the word, which is least like the others word in a group

9. In the given option, which one does not belong to that group

10. Three of the following Four are alike in certain way and so form a group. Which one does not belong the group

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