Logical Reasoning- Logical Deduction Questions

Nowadays, mostly logical reasoning is a part of major government exams and it became more scoring sections as well. Candidates who are preparing for the competitive examination can use this article. Because we are providing logical reasoning questions with answers and explanation. There are more topics of logical reasoning like logical reasoning -classification online MCQS , Logical reasoning -coding and decoding MCQ Quiz and Logical reasoning- verbal classification and analogies GK Quiz  will be updated regularly in our website. So candidates must use this opportunity and understand the idea of the questions. It is keys success to your life.

Your are right.

1. Some blades are hammers. Some hammers are knives. Some knives are axes. Conclusions: 1. Some axes are hammers 2. Some knives are blades 3. Some axes are blades.

2. Some mountains are hillocks. Some mountains are rivers. Some mountains are valleys. Conclusions: 1. All mountain are either hillocks or rivers or valleys 2. No valley is river 3. Some river are valleys

3. 1. All the offices on the 9th floor have wall-to-wall carpeting. 2. No wall-to-wall carpeting is pink 3. None of the offices on the 9th floor has pink wall-to-wall carpeting. The first two statements are correct, then the third statement is

4. All snakes are trees. Some trees are roads. All roads are mountain. Conclusions: 1. Some mountains are snakes 2. Some roads are snakes 3. Some mountains are tress

5. Some boys are men. No man is black. Conclusions: 1. Some boys are not black 2. Some men are Boys

6. 1. During the past year, Josh saw more movies than Stephen. 2. Stephen saw fewer movies than Darren. 3. Darren saw more movies than Josh. The first two statment is true, the third statment is

7. 1. Tanya is older than Eric 2. Cliff is older than Tanya 3. Eric is older than Cliff, the first two statements are true, then the third statment is?

8. Some blankets are beds. Some pillows are blankets. All beds are pillows. Conclusions: 1. Some blankets are pillow 2. Some pillows are beds 3. Some beds are blankets

9. All flowers are toys. Some toys are trees. Some angels are trees. Conclusions: 1. Some angels are trees 2. Some trees are flowers 3. Some flowers are angels

10. All Windows are doors. No doors is wall. Conclusions: 1. No Window is Wall 2. No Wall is door

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