Mathematics Quiz Part-1

Here we have described 15 easy general knowledge mathematic questions with answers are given below. Mathematics is very useful to find a jobs because most of the private sector conducted in interview and written test. Read the below maths questions twice clearly then answer the following question without looking answers. This is the best way to solve the Maths problem. Candidate first try to solve maths problem in your own interest.  Mathematic is very interesting subject. Mathematic always helps your financial, effective communication skills and better problem solving skills. Just practice mathematic problems regularly.

Your are right.

1. The smallest number of seven digits is

2. In 24,673 ; the place-value of 6 is

3. How much is 190 – 87 + 16?

4. Find the value of x; if x = (2 × 3) + 11.

5. What is the greatest two digit number?

6. Arrange the numbers in ascending order: 36, 12, 29, 21, 7

7. What is the symbol of pi?

8. 19 + ……. = 42

9. In a century how many months are there?

10. What is the reciprocal of 17/15?

11. What is the value of x if x2 = 169

12. What is the square of 15?

13. How many years are there in a decade?

14. What is 7% equal to?

15. What is three fifth of 100?

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