Mathematics Quiz for Competitive Exams

Mathematics is very useful to find a jobs because most of the IT sector conducted in interview and written test. That’s why we have shared  basic general knowledge mathematic questions with answers are given below. Mathematic is very interesting subject. Read the below mathematics questions twice clearly then answer the following question without looking answers. This is the best way to solve the Maths problem. Candidate first try to solve mathematic problem in your own interest. Mathematic always helps your financial, effective communication skills and better problem solving skills. Day by day practice this mathematic problems regularly.

Read the given below questions and find the answers.

You can easily find out the given objective type, multiple choice questions. Candidate check the Aptitude MCQ quiz. Applicant who are preparing for Competitive exams this below gk quiz is convenient.

Your are right.

1. Find the least number which is exactly divisible by 8, 12, and 15.

2. Complete the series: 1, 26, 126, 351, ———-

3. The sum of 5 consecutive numbers is 50, which is the smallest number?

4. Cylinder: Circle :: Triangular pyramid

5. If 30% of a number is 50% of 300, find the number?

6. If each edge of a cube is increased by 50% then its surface area is increased by:

7. The wheel of a car radius 1 feet covers a distance in seven cycle.

8. 5% of 0.03 is what percentage of 0.05?

9. Fill in the blanks: AZD, —-, CTD, DQD, END

10. If the length and breadth of a rectangular plot are increased by 50% and 20% respectively, how many times will be the new area of the old area?

11. A rectangular plot is 50m long and 20 m broad. Inside it there is a path of 7 m wide all round it. What is the area of the path?

12. Find the compound interest of Rs. 10,000 in 9 months at 4% per annum interest payable quarterly.

13. Find out the ratio whose value is 2/3 and the antecedent is 18

14. A train running at 90 km/hr crosses a pole in 10 seconds. What is the length of train?

15. 14 persons can complete a work in 16 days, 8 persons started the work 12 days after they started the work, 8 more peoples joined them. How many days will they take to complete the remaining work

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