Modern Indian History Part- 2

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1. Who started the first English newspaper in India?

2. The Poona Pact (1932) was an agreement between

3. By the Act of 1858, India was to be governed

4. The year of the foundation of the Women’s Indian Association (WIA) is

5. In which year did the Cabinet Mission arrived in India?

6. Where is Bibi Ka Maqbara located?

7. Mahatma Gandhi was first arrested during Satyagraha in the year

8. The home of Gargi Maitrey and Kapila was at

9. Where did Rigvedic Aryans live in India?

10. When was the Muslim league established?

11. In which of the following phase flint tools were used?

12. When was the National Council of Education established?

13. The first Indian Governor of independent India general ________

14. The Pioneer of communism in India was _______

15. Which of the following organization was not established by BR Ambedkar?

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