Multiple Choice Questions with Answers for Article

Here we have provided the article multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs). Read the given MCQs questions and pick the correct answers. Applicants who are preparing for competitive exams are requested to complete the article part-1 quiz.  Keep practicing these article quiz daily it will greatly improve your English fluency.

Your are right.

1. It was ____ easy job.

2. My Mother is _______ English teacher.

3. ____ dog is faithful animal.

4. Ram will arrive in _____ hour.

5. I live in ______ apartment.

6. Please give me _____ useful gift.

7. It is ______ absurd story.

8. Let us go to a restaurant and have ----- coffee.

9. India will become ______ super power shortly.

10. ______ unit means a measurement.

11. Mohan was ----- best student in the class

12. The thief was sent to _____ prison.

13. ______ lion is a ferocious animal.

14. I want to eat _____ apple.

15. ________ man is mortal.

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