Sports Quiz Part -01

Sports related questions are asked for different examination. In this sections, we have provided 15 important general sports GK questions. Applicants should be prepared for sports related questions. Candidates take this quiz and solve it. Day by day practice this kind of MCQs it will helpful for competitive exams and develop your skill. Each question has four alternative answers you have to identify and pick the correct option. practice these kind of MCQ gk question daily it will helpful for time managing, increase your speed etc.

Your are right.

1. Which Sport is Performed by the Legend Muhammad Ali?

2. Who won the first T20 World Cup?

3. Which Country won the first FIFA World Cup?

4. Triple is a new format of

5. What is the full form of IPL?

6. The Sport Jallikattu belongs to which Country?

7. How many Umpires are there in a Cricket Match?

8. What is the Full Form of the NBA?

9. What is the Number of Players in Hockey?

10. What is the Distance of the Marathon Race?

11. What is the National Game of India?

12. Who is the first Indian Badminton Player to win an Olympic Medal?

13. How many times has India won the Men’s Hockey World Cup in the Olympics?

14. Who has the Highest Number of Gold Medals in Olympic History?

15. Who won the first ICC World Cup?

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