Verbal Ability (Selecting Words)

You have to select the most effective word from the given words to make the sentence meaningfully complete. The words may seem similar or right but there is only one word that should be selected. Practice this Selecting Words Question & Answers which help you to crack any competitive Exams like SSC/ IBPS/ PO/ RBI/ PSC/ RAIL/ PSU & many more State/ Private/ Central Govt Competitive Exams.

Check out this page regularly to get updated from selecting words in English/ selecting words for cds/ pick out the most effective word from the given words/ ordering of words in a sentence/ selecting words mcq/ word formation. Read the below MCQ online quiz questions twice clearly and find the correct answers.

Pick out the most effective word from the options given:

Your are right.

1. Piyush behaves strangely at times and, therefore, nobody gets ...... with him.

2. Man does not live by ...... alone.

3. If you smuggle goods into the country, they may be ...... by the customs authority.

4. My uncle decided to take ...... and my sister to the market.

5. Success in this examination depends ...... hard work alone.

6. The grapes are now ...... enough to be picked.

7. I saw a ...... of cows in the field.

8. Catching the earlier train will give us the ...... to do some shopping.

9. The miser gazed ...... at the pile of gold coins in front of him.

10. Fate smiles ...... those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.

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