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High Performance Computing MCQs:  HPC has been a integral part of academic research & industry innovation for decades. It helps engineers, data scientists, designers, and other researchers solve large, complex problems in far less time and at less cost than traditional computing. High Performance Computing have three key components namely compute, network, and storage. Here you will get the High Performance Computing MCQ quiz and PDF format are also given below. Read the below High performance Computing questions with confident to prepare the competitive exams, entrance exams and interview. These all are most important questions, so candidate study for this topic thoroughly. Practice this kind of MCQ quiz daily it will definitely improve your knowledge, skills, reading ability etc.

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High Performance MCQ Quiz and online Test 

1.  Scaling Characteristics of Parallel Programs Ts is___________

  1. constant
  2. decreases
  3. increase
  4. None

Answer: constant

2. In DNS algorithm of matrix multiplication it used_________________

  1. 2d partition
  2. 3d partition
  3. 1d partition
  4. All of above

Answer: 3d partition

3. The load imbalance problem in Parallel Gaussian Elimination: can be alleviated by using a _________ mapping

  1. cyclic
  2. acyclic
  3. All of above
  4. None of above

Answer: Cyclic

4. Speedup tends to saturate and efficiency _____ as a consequence of Amdahl’s law.

  1. constant
  2. increase
  3. decreases
  4. None of these

Answer: decreases

5. How many basic communication operations are used in matrix vector multiplication_________

  1. 3
  2. 1
  3. 4
  4. 2

Answer: 3

6. Efficient implementation of basic communication operation can improve ____________

  1. communication
  2. performance
  3. algorithm
  4. None of above

Answer: Performance

7. Wimple at way to send p-1 messages from source to the other p-1 processors________

  1. communication
  2. algorithm
  3. receiver
  4. concurrency

Answer: concurrency

8. Group communication operations are built using _____ Messaging primitives

  1. one-to-all
  2. point-to-point
  3. all-to-one
  4. None

Answer: point-to-point

9. The processors compute _________ product of the vector element and the local matrix.

  1. global
  2. local
  3. All of above
  4. None of above

Answer: Local

10. The performance of quicksort depends critically on the quality of the ______

  1. pivot
  2. center element
  3. non-pivote
  4. Len of array

Answer: pivot

11. One processor has a piece of data and it need to send to everyone is __________

  1. all-to-one
  2. point -to-point
  3. one -to-all
  4. All of above

Answer: one-to-one

12. The fundamental operation of comparison-based sorting is ________

  1. sorting
  2. searching
  3. compare-exchange
  4. swapping

Answer: compare-exchange

13. Which of the following is not a stable sorting algorithm in its typical implementation.

  1. merge sort
  2. insertion sort
  3. bubble sort
  4. quick sort

Answer: quick sort

14. ______ can be comparison-based or non comparison-based.

  1. sorting
  2. searching
  3. All of above
  4. None of above

Answer: sorting

15. Breadth First Search is equivalent to which of the traversal in the Binary Trees?

  1. level-order traversal
  2. pre-order traversal
  3. post-order traversal
  4. in-order traversal

Answer: level-order traversal

16. Graph search involves a closed list, where the major operation is a _______

  1. searching
  2. sorting
  3. lookup
  4. none

Answer: lookup

17. ______________ algorithms use auxiliary storage (such as tapes and hard disks) for sorting because the number of elements to be sorted is too large to fit into memory.

  1. internal searching
  2. internal sorting
  3. external searching
  4. external sorting

Answer:  external sorting

18. Which of the following is not an application of Breadth First Search?

  1. when the graph is a linked list
  2. when the graph is a binary tree
  3. All of above
  4. None of above

Answer: when the graph is a linked list

19. In ___________, the number of elements to be sorted is small enough to fit into the process’s main memory

  1. internal sorting
  2. external sorting
  3. external searching
  4. internal searching

Answer: internal sorting

20. In CUDA, a single invoked kernel is referred to as a ____________

  1. grid
  2. tread
  3. block
  4. None of mentioned above

Answer: grid

21. A CUDA program is comprised of two primary components: a host and a ____________.

  1. CPU kernel
  2. GPU kernel
  3. OS
  4. None of above

Answer: GPU kernel

22. A grid is comprised of ________ of threads.

  1. bunch
  2. block
  3. host
  4. All of above

Answer: Block

23. The computer cluster architecture emerged as an alternative for ____________

  1. super computers
  2. workstation
  3.  isa
  4. distributed systems

Answer: super computers

24. CUDA supports ____________ in which code in a single thread is executed by all other threads.

  1. tread termination
  2.  thread abstraction
  3. tread division
  4. All of above

Answer:  thread abstraction

25.  _____ method is used in centralized systems to perform out of order execution.

  1. score boarding
  2. optimizing
  3. scorecard
  4. redundancy

Answer: score boarding

26. _______ became the first language specifically designed by a GPU Company to facilitate general purpose computing on __________.

  1. c, cpus
  2. java, cpus
  3. python, gpus
  4. cuda c, gpus

Answer: cuda c, gpus

27. Each warp of GPU receives a single instruction and “broadcasts” it to all of its threads. It is a ____________ operation.

  1. simt (single instruction multiple thread)
  2. simd (single instruction multiple data)
  3. sist (single instruction single thread)
  4. sisd (single instruction single data)

Answer: simt (single instruction multiple thread)

28. ______ is Callable from the host.

  1. __global__
  2. _host_
  3.  _device_
  4. None of these

Answer: __host__

29. The CUDA architecture consists of ___________ for parallel computing kernels and functions.

  1. cisc instruction set architecture
  2. zisc instruction set architecture
  3. risc instruction set architecture
  4. ptx instruction set architecture

Answer: ptx instruction set architecture

30. CUDA stands for__________ designed by NVIDIA

  1. complex unstructured distributed architecture
  2. compute unified device architecture
  3. common union discrete architecture
  4. complex unidentified device architecture

Answer: compute unified device architecture

31. The time lost due to branch instruction is often referred to as ___________.

  1. delay
  2. latency
  3. branch penalty
  4. None

Answer: branch penalty

32. The kernel code is identified by the ________qualifier with void return type.

  1. __global__
  2. void
  3.  _host_
  4. _device_

Answer: __global__

33. Triple angle brackets mark in a statement inside main function, what does it indicates?

  1. a call from device code to host code
  2. a call from host code to device code
  3. greater than comparison
  4. less than comparison

Answer: a call from host code to device code

34. Any condition that causes a processor to stall is called as _________.

  1. page fault
  2. system error
  3. hazard
  4. None

Answer: hazard

35. What makes a CUDA code runs in parallel?

  1. first parameter value inside triple angle bracket (n) indicates execution’s of kernel n times in parallel
  2. kernel name outside triple angle bracket indicates execution’s of kernel n times in parallel
  3. All of above
  4. None of above

Answer: first parameter value inside triple angle bracket (n) indicates execution’s of kernel n times in parallel

36. A block is comprised of multiple _______.

  1. bunch
  2. treads
  3. host
  4. None

Answer: treads

37. _________ is Callable from the device only.

  1.  _device_
  2. _host_
  3. __global__
  4. None of above

Answer:  _device_

38. Calling a kernel is typically referred to as _________.

  1. kernel termination
  2. kernel initialization
  3. kernel thread
  4. kernel invocation

Answer: kernel invocation

39. A solution of the problem in representing the parallelism algorithm is

  1. cuda
  2. cda
  3. cud
  4. pta

Answer: cuda

40. The Block Per Grid and Thread Per Block parameters are related to the ________ model supported by CUDA.

  1. kernel
  2. host
  3. thread abstraction
  4. None of above

Answer: thread abstraction

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