Notice Writing for Class 6, Get Format for Notice Writing

Notice Writing for Class 6 | Class VI Std | Get Format for Notice Writing/ Notice Writing format for Class 6

Nowadays most of the students are searching about Notice Writing. Commonly Notice is used to give information for large numbers of people together by putting the information on Notice Board. Notices are use for informs many people about any event, opening, meeting, competitions, sports related information etc.

Notice Writing portion is the essential topic for every school going students especially for Class 6. Notice Writing has certain marks in examination and many students didn’t know the procedure for how to make Notice Writing for Class 6/ Notice Writing Format for Class 6. From this page you will get idea about Notice writing topics for Class 6 and etc. Lets starts to learn how to make Notice Writing for 6th Class.

Common Types of Notices

  • Notices issued by the school
  • Obituary Notices
  • Notices for Sale of Items
  • Lost and Found Notices
  • Notices issued by/for the residents of a housing society/colony or members of an association

Marks Details for Notice Writing 

  • In examination, notice writing has some marks and the mark details are given below
The name of the organisation, ‘NOTICE’, the heading and the date2 marks
The name and designation of the person writing1/2 marks
Placing the notice within a box1/2 marks
Content and language2 marks

Before we start students are kindly note the below points while making Notice Writing

  • All students are requested to write a Notice in a Box with proper Format
  • Then you have write the Notice word in Capital letter like “NOTICE”
  • Maximum length of notice is 50 letters
  • Students must write the notice in Indirect Speech.
  • You have to make simple and formal notice.
  • Students are avoid to using pronouns like I, me, You and we
  • Then you have to write the Signature, name and designation of person issuing notice.
  • Students must avoid rewrite any word and always try the present and future tense.
  • Students don’t write any personal information in notice

Key Points to Remember

  • What is going to happen: the event.
  • Where it will take place: the venue
  • When it will take place: date and time.
  • Who can benefit from the information
  • Whom to contact

Notice Writing Examples for Class 6

Name of the QuestionAnswer
You are John/ Jeni. You are head of the student union of Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhubaneswar. Dance competition will be held in school about which a notice to be put in your schools notice board to inform all the students
You are Neha. Students of Class 6 of Adarsh ​​Public School, New Delhi. Write a 50 words notice for your school notice board about lost your watter bottle in Ground