Notice Writing for Class 10, Get Notice Writing Format & Questions for Exams

Notice Writing for Class 10 | Class X | Get Notice Writing Format for Class 10 CBSE/ Notice Writing Class 10 Format

Notice writing is a short piece of writing to inform about events/ competitions/ meeting/ school trips. It is may in written/ typed format. Through this announcement, information about the program shall be reached the huge number of students in the organization. Notice writing must be in short & clear form.

Students need to write the notice in simple & formal language. Here we have provided some examples for Notice writing for Class 10. Students are advised to know the details of feature, examples, questions, etc. If content of the notice is simple, then it reach the audience as soon as possible. Notices will be placed at School/ Colleges notice board, Newspapers/ Magazines &  Public notice board.

Format of Notice Writing for Class 10

Notice Writing for Class 10 Topics

  • A Competitions.
  • An Excursion trips.
  • A lost or found notice.
  • An inauguration to take place.
  • An exhibition.
  • A Blood donation camp to be held.

Tips to make a Notice Writing

  • Heading must be attractive.
  • Notice should bring a clear information about event.
  • Date/ Time/ Venue should be correct.
  • Content must be in simple & formal language.
  • Sign must be clear.

Marks for Class 10 Notice Writing

  • Date: ½ marks.
  • Heading: ½ marks.
  • Content/ Body: 3 ½ marks.
  • Signature: ½ marks.

Important Points in Notice Writing for Class 10

  • Organization.
  • Date.
  • Venue.
  • Purpose of the Notice.
  • Contact Details.

Example Question 1:

You are Veena, Head Girl. You need to inform the students about charity fair that organized in your school. The Charity Fair has planned to collect donations for the needy group of people.

Example Question 2:

You are Rosy, Secretary of Dramatics Club. Your school management has informed you to write a notice to announce the Dramatics Competition audition that conducted on 02.12.2021 at St. Paul School.