Notice Writing for Class 8, Get Format for Notice Writing

Notice Writing for Class 8 | Class VIII | Grab Format for Notice Writing for Class 8, Example

Notice is a formal means of communication that involves a public announcement made about an activity scheduled in the future. A notice is a small piece of information about an event or activity, the notice contains an event that is about to happen, or it has happened.

Studying Notice Writing for Class 8, you will learn about how to write a formal notice on various topics. The notice writing format will help you to give the information in the right manner. In this article you can get an idea about how to write notice writing for class 8. Scroll down to get the format of notice writing for class 8.

Different purpose of Notice

There are three main types of notice writing they are Appeal Notice, Lost notice and Found Notice

Appeal Notice:

  • It involves the announcement of an event, regarding the details of name of the event, organizer, occasion, date, time, place, activity, contact address etc.

Lost Notice:

  • It involves about lost item, it includes the date when it lost, identification, marks, whom to contact, When & Where.

Found Notice:

  • It informs about an article found, it includes place where it was found, the purpose of notice, whom to contact and complete details about the found article.

Format of Notice Writing for Class 8

The notice writing format will includes

  • Name of the Organization
  • Title as “Notice”
  • Date of issue/ release of the notice.
  • Heading (Title/ subject of the event)
  • Body (date/ time/ duration/ place/ venue)
  • Authorized signatory: Name of the signature

Example for Notice Writing

Name of the issuing agency/ authority


Date of issue/ release of the notice

Title/ subject of the event


(date/ time/ duration/ place/ venue)

Authorized Signatory

(Name, Designation and signature)

Example 1:

You are Surya, the sports captain of St. mary’s school, Dehradun. Write a Notice in 50 words for the school Noticeboard informing the students about the inter-school cricket tournament to be played.

St. Mary’s School, Dehradun

12th December, 2021

International Cricket Tournament

An interschool cricket tournament will be played between the teams of our school and Delhi Public School in our school playground on 25th December at 4pm onwards. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Sports captain


Example 2:

You are Bheema of Class 6th D of GD Goenka Public School, Model Town. Write a notice for the students of your school informing them about the water bottle that you lost during your sports period.

GD Goenka Public School
Model Town, New Delhi


1st October 2021

Lost Water Bottle

This is to inform all that I, Kaysha Jain, class 6th D have lost my brown colour water bottle during the sports period yesterday. It has a sticker of Barbie on it along with the pink colour string.  The cap of the bottle is also slightly broken.  Anyone who finds my bottle is requested to contact me or my class teacher, Mrs Shalini Sharma.

Kaysha Jain
6th D