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Cloud Computing MCQ Quiz & Online Test With Answers | 30 Important Cloud Computing Objective Questions and Answer

Cloud Computing Basic MCQ: In this article, we have described  cloud basics MCQ ( Multiple choice Questions) are given below. This is great chance for People who are searching cloud computing questions and answer. The scope of cloud computing is very bright. Cloud computing is one of the most demanded skills in the IT industry. This field offers several exciting career opportunities for IT professionals.  To understand the future of cloud computing basics, here are the 30 important mcq based on the basic of cloud computing/ cloud computing questions and answer based on planning/ cloud computing architecture objective questions and answers are given below. Remaining cloud computing questions will be updated soon.

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It will develop your skills as well as enhance your knowledge. We have regularly updates General questions in our site. Keep Practice lots of Cloud basics General Knowledge questions daily. Here you will get the important Cloud computing interview questions and answers/Cloud Computing Basic MCQ/ cloud computing mcq questions 2022/Cloud computing solved MCQ Questions are given below. Read the entire questions carefully then select best answers. It is key point to success in your life.

Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions

1.  In how many parts we can broadly divide the architecture of the Cloud?

A. 5

B. 4

C. 3

D. 2

Answer: 2

2. Which one of the following refers to the user’s part of the Cloud Computing system?

A. front end

B. back End

C. Management

D. Infrastructure

Answer:  front end

3. Which one of the following can be considered as the example of the Front-end?


B. Google Compute Engine

C. web browser

D. Cisco Metapod

Answer: web browser

4. The backend is commonly used by the ________

A. service provider.

B. Client

C. User

D. Stack holders

Answer: service provider.

5. Which of the following provides the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for interaction with the cloud?

A. Application

B. Client

C. Client Infrastructure

D. Server

Answer: Client Infrastructure

6. Choose the correct IaaS provider among the following?

A. EC1

B. EC10

C. EC2

D. Hybrid

Answer: EC2 

7. How many types of services are there those are offered by the Cloud Computing to the users?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: 3

8. Identify among the components which are known as a hypervisor.




D. All of the above

Answer: VMM

9. Which of the following refers to network or internet?

A. Cloud


C. Cloud computing

D. None

Answer: Cloud computing

10. Through which, the backend and front-end are connected with each other?

A. Network

B. Browser

C. Database

D. None of the above

Answer: Network

11.  Identify among the following, which are examples of SaaS cloud computing?

A. Dropbox

B. Google workshop

C. Salesforce

D. All of the above

Answer All of the above

12.  In which year was Google Compute Engine released?

A. 2008

B. 2012

C. 2009

D. 2015

Answer: 2012

13. Identify among the following, which provides a runtime environment.

A. PaaS

B. XaaS

C. SaaS

D. None

Answer: PaaS

14. Which one of the following is Cloud Platform by Amazon?

A. Cloudera

B. Azure

C. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

D. All of the above

Answer: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

15. Which of the following is an essential concept related to Cloud?

A. Abstraction

B. Productivity

C. Reliability

D. All of the above

Answer: Abstraction

16. Which one of the following can be considered as a utility is a dream that dates from the beginning of the computing industry itself?

A. Software

B. Cloud Computing

C. Model

D. All of the above

Answer: Cloud Computing

17. Which one of the following cloud concepts is related to sharing and pooling the resources?

A. Virtualization

B. Polymorphism

C. Abstraction

D. None of the above

Answer: Virtualization

18. Which of the following has many features of that is now known as cloud computing?

A. Internet

B. Software

C. Web service

D. All of the above

Answer: Internet

19.  PaaS stands for?

A.  Platform as a software

B.  Platform as a sale

C.  Platform as a service

D.  None

Answer: Platform as a service

20. Managed IT services are based on the concept of which one of the following?

A. Virtualization

B. Grid Computing


D. Utility Computing

Answer: Utility Computing

21. Which one of the following is a phase of the Deployment process?

A. Selecting Cloud Computing Provider

B. Business Architecture Development

C. Transformation Plan Development

D. IT Architecture Development

Answer: Transformation Plan Development

22. Cloud computing is a kind of abstraction which is based on the notion of combining physical resources and represents them as _______resources to users

A. Cloud

B. Virtual

C. Real

D. None of the above

Answer: Virtual

23.  Cloud computing architecture is a combination of?

A. Service-oriented architecture and event-driven architecture

B. Virtualization and event-driven architecture.

C. Utility computing and event-driven architecture

D. service-oriented architecture and grid computing

Answer: Service-oriented architecture and event-driven architecture

24.  This phase involves selecting a cloud provider based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which defines the level of service the provider receives.

A. Maintenance and Technical Service

B. IT development

C.  Selecting Cloud Computing Provider

D. None of the above

Answer:  Selecting Cloud Computing Provider

25. In which one of the following phases, IT Architecture Development came?

A. Planning Phase

B. Deployment Phase

C. Strategy Phase

D. Development Phase

Answer: Planning Phase

26. Which of the model involves the special types of services that users can access on a Cloud Computing platform?

A. Application

B. Planning

C. Service model

D. Deployment

Answer: Service model

27. How many phases are present in Cloud Computing Planning?

A. 3

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5


28. Which one of the following is related to the services provided by Cloud?

A. Ownership

B. Sourcing

C. Reliability

D. None of the above

Answer: Sourcing

29. Which one of the following options can be considered as the Cloud?

A. Hadoop

B. Web Applications

C. Intranet

D. None of the above

Answer: Hadoop 

30. What type of computing technology refers to services and applications that typically run on a distributed network through virtualized resources?

A. Cloud Computing

B. Distributed Computing

C. Soft Computing

D. Parallel Computing

Answer: Cloud Computing

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