Indian Constitution GK Questions and Answers – Most Important to Know

Indian Constitution GK Questions and Answers | 30 GK Questions with Answers

Important questions on Indian Constitution : Indian Constitution is an most important section as far as the administrative competitive exams such as IAS, SSC CGL, CHSL, etc.  Here we have provided 30 important questions on Indian constitution general knowledge (GK) question and answers for competitive exams. Applicant practice these kind of GK questions daily can easily crack any competitive exams in one attempt. Read the given questions clearly then prepare for the exams.  Candidates watch our site to get more general knowledge (GK) MCQ quiz. Candidate use this chance to develop your career as well as enhance your knowledge. If you study well you will get a good marks in competitive exams.

 GK Questions on Indian Constitution -Highlights

Article NameIndian Constitution
Number of Questions30

We have regularly update general questions for competitive exams. Interested and willing candidate kindly use this chance to prepare for competitive exams. Here we have prepared Indian Constitution GK questions and answers in English. Practice lots of Indian Constitution General Knowledge questions daily. Note the repeated questions and must revise the questions regularly. This is the best way to score good marks in competitive exams. Check the below GK questions and answers/Indian constitution gk questions/important gk question for competitive exams.

Read the Below Given Questions and Answers: 

  1. Who was elected as the permanent chairman of constituent Assembly?

AnswerDr. Rajendra Prasad

  1. According to Article 32, remedy can be asked from which court for the violation of Fundamental Rights?

Answer: supreme Court

  1. Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles are both?

Answer: Supplementary

  1. India declared ___ State by our Constitution.

Answer: Republic

  1. The Objective Resolution in the Constituent Assembly was moved by_____

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. The Indian constitution guarantees how many categories of Fundamental Rights?

Answer: Six

  1. India has adopted ______ system.

Answer: Parliamentary system of government

  1. Who said the Preamble is the key to the Constitution ______

Answer: Dr.BR.Ambedkar

  1. The Objective Resolution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly in

Answer: January 1947

  1. Which Constitutional amendment incorporated the Fundamental Duties in the Constitution of India?

Answer: 42nd

  1.  Article 352 of the Indian Constitution deal with ______

Answer: National Emergency

  1. The Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of India was adopted from______

 Answer: Irish

  1.  What is the upper limit of election expense in a parliamentary constituency?

Answer: 70 Lakhs

  1. The makers of the Constitution of India adopted the concept of Judicial Review from _____

 Answer: US

  1. The maximum strength of Rajya Sabha is_____

Answer: 250

  1. The upper house of Indian Parliament is known as

Answer: The Rajya Sabha

  1. Which Article is related to Abolition of Untouchability?

Answer: Article 17

  1. Which is the house where the Chairperson is not the member of that house?

Answer: Rajya Sabha

  1. Which of the following languages is not in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution?

Answer: Persian

  1. Which statement about Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is untrue?

Answer: It is a constitutional body

  1. Which was the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly held?

Answer: 9 December 1946

  1. Which High Court has the largest judicial area?

Answer: Guwahati High Court

  1. Which election is not related to Election Commission elections of India?

Answer: Panchayat and municipalities of state

  1. Panchayati Raj belongs to______

Answer: State List

  1. The provision of the sixth schedule shall not apply in which one of the following states?

Answer: Goa

  1. Name of the first deputy Prime Minister of India?

 Answer: Sardar vallabh Bhai patel

  1. In which part of the Indian Constitution, the Fundamental Duties are enshrined?

Answer: IV-A

  1. Who has the right to transfer any case anywhere in India?

Answer: Supreme Court

  1. In India, there is supremacy of Constitution whereas in England supremacy is of_____

Answer: Parliament

  1. The language of Preamble” of the Indian constitution is taken from the constitution of______

Answer: Australia

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