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E-Commerce MCQ Questions & Answers| 30 e commerce solved mcq questions with answer pdf Download

E Commerce quiz questions and answer pdf: Here, we have described the e commerce multiple choice questions and answers pdf are given below. Buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet by using e commerce. It is operated over the computers, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices.  Almost anything can be purchased through ecommerce today. Candidate click the below link to download the e commerce multiple choice questions and answers pdf. Keep practice these below mcq questions on e commerce/E Commerce mcq with answers. When applying for this roles in e-commerce industry, determining which questions to expect in interviews can be important. That’s why we have to upload 30 important e commerce objective questions and answers are given below. take this questions to test your knowledge now.

e commerce mcq Quiz with Answers

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It will develop your skills as well as enhance your knowledge. We have regularly updates General questions in our site. Keep Practice lots of e commerce multiple choice questions and answers daily. Here you will get the important  e commerce mcq interview questions and answers/e commerce MCQ questions with answers pdf/ multiple choice questions on e commerce/e commerce objective questions and answers/e commerce multiple choice questions and answers pdf are given below. Read the entire questions carefully then select best answers.

Read the Given Below e commerce mcq with Answers:

1. All of the following are technologies used to gather information about you online except _________. 

  1. anonymizers
  2. spy ware
  3. cookies
  4. Gmail

Answer: anonymizers

2. A _______ is the set of planned activities designed to result in a profit in a marketplace.

  1. business plan
  2. business model
  3. profit mode
  4. revenue model

Answer: business model

3. In which website Global Easy Buy is facilitated?

  1. Ebay.com
  2. Yepme.com
  3. Amazon.com
  4. None of above

Answer: Ebay.com

4. The best products to sell in B2C e‐commerce are ________

  1. Digital products
  2. Small products
  3. Specialty products
  4. Fresh products

Answer: Digital products

5. The source of revenue in a subscription revenue model is_______

  1. Fees from advertisers in exchange for advertisements
  2. Fees for business referrals
  3. Fees from subscribers in exchange for access to content or services.
  4. Fees for enabling or execution a transaction

Answer: Fees from subscribers in exchange for access to content or services.

6. Which of the following is an example of a portal?

  1. Face book
  2. Yahoo
  3. Amazon
  4.  eBay

Answer: Yahoo

7. Which products are that people are most likely to be more uncomfortable buying on the Internet?

  1. Books
  2. CDs
  3. PCs
  4. All of above

Answer: All of above

8. Digital products are best suited for B2C e‐commerce because they are ________

  1. Can be delivered at the time of purchase
  2. Can be mass‐customized and personalized
  3. commodity like products
  4. All of the above

Answer: commodity like products

9. All of the following are major B2C business models except _______

  1.  industry consortium
  2.  content provider
  3. transaction broker
  4. service provider

Answer: industry consortium

10. The dimension of e-commerce that enables commerce across national boundaries is called________.

  1. global reach
  2. interactivity
  3. richness
  4. ubiquity

Answer:  global reach

11. The ________ business model involves an independently owned vertical digital marketplace for direct inputs.

  1. e-distributor
  2. e-procurement
  3. private industrial network
  4. exchange

Answer: exchange

12. The solution for all business needs is_________

  1. EDI
  2. SCM
  3. ERP
  4. None of the above

Answer: ERP

13. Compared to Internet users, the number of cell phone subscribers is ________

  1. much larger
  2. about the same
  3. slightly fewer
  4. much fewer

Answer:  much larger

14.  _________describes e‐commerce.

  1. Doing business
  2. Doing business electronically
  3. Sale of goods
  4. All of the above

Answer: Doing business electronically 

15. A strategy designed to compete in all markets around the globe is called a _________ strategy.

  1. differentiation
  2. focus
  3. cost
  4. scope

Answer: scope

16. The area of actual or potential commercial value in which a company intends to operate is a 

  1. perfect market
  2. marketplace
  3. Bertrand market
  4. market space

Answer: market space

17.  Which of the following is not a horizontal portal?

  1. Yahoo
  2. Sailnet
  3. AOL
  4. MSN/Windows Live

Answer: Sailnet

18.  __________is not one of the major types of e-commerce.

  1. B2C
  2. B2B
  3. C2B
  4. C2C

Answer: C2B

19. A situation where there are no differences among products or services, and the only basis of choosing products is price is known as _________.

  1. commoditization
  2. profit
  3. value chain
  4. a value web

Answer: commoditization

20. Which of the following is not considered to be one of the three phases of e-commerce?

  1. Consolidation
  2. Reinvention
  3. Innovation
  4. Preservation

Answer: Preservation

21. Which of the following is not one of the stages of the development of the Internet?

  1. Commercialization
  2. Institutionalization
  3. Globalization
  4. Innovation

Answer: Globalization

22. Most individuals are familiar with which form of e‐commerce?

  1. B2B
  2. B2C
  3. C2B
  4. C2C

Answer: B2C

23. The idealistic market envisioned at the outset of the development of e-commerce is called a ________.

  1. Bertrand market
  2. Bailey market
  3. Baxter market
  4. Bergman market

Answer: Bertrand market.

24. In 1961,__________ published a paper on “packet switching” networks.

  1. Ray Tomlinson
  2. Leonard Kleinrock
  3. Bob Metcalfe
  4. Vint Cerf

Answer: Leonard Kleinrock 

25. How the transactions occur in e‐commerce?

  1. Using computers
  2. Using mobile phones
  3. using e‐medias
  4. None of the above

Answer: using e‐medias

26. Which type of e‐commerce focuses on consumers dealing with each other?

  1. B2B
  2. C2C
  3. B2C
  4. C2B

Answer: C2C

27. ________type of products is lesser purchased using eCommerce.

  1. Automobiles
  2. software
  3. books
  4. None of the above
  5. Answer: Automobiles 

28. The primary source of financing during the early years of e-commerce was ________

  1. bank loans
  2. large retail firms
  3. venture capital funds
  4. initial public offerings

Answer: venture capital funds

29.  A business competing in a commodity like environment must focus on which of the following?

  1. Price
  2. Ease of ordering
  3. Ease / speed of delivery
  4. All of above

Answer:  All of above

30. Which segment is eBay an example?

  1. B2B
  2. C2B
  3. C2C
  4. None of the above

Answer: None of the above


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