Human Resource Management (HRM)MCQ Quiz Questions

Human Resource Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | 30 Human Resource Management MCQ Questions and Answers

Human Resource Management MCQ: In this section, we have to shared about human resource management mcq questions and answers are given below. Interview is an important part of the employees selection process. Candidate attend the interview it helps to obtain additional information of skills and knowledge. The interview and placement is not only assess your knowledge it also check their suitability of the career. Recruiting suitable candidate only. So candidates are requested to study the below human resource management (HRM) questions and answers thoroughly. The main goal to share this HRM MCQ questions to target the competitive exams, interviews and placement. Candidate read the human resource management (HRM) multiple choice questions carefully and select the best options.

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Human Resource Management Objective Questions and Answers -Highlights 

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This is useful for people who are searching (HRM) Human Resource Management MCQ quiz. Just practice the below MCQ on HRM questions to develop your general knowledge skills. Here, we have update 30 important Human Resource Management (HRM) mcq/ HRM (multiple choice questions and answers)/HRM mcq (Multiple choice questions/HRM objective questions and answers are given below. Candidate take this below questions to test your knowledge now and check the Business and commerce mcq questions.

Read the Given Below HRM (Human Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) MCQs.

1. All aspects of the merger need __________

  1. A. managing
  2. B. Controlling
  3. C. Delegating
  4. D. Staffing

Answer: managing

2. Commitment strategy is inherently ____________

  1. A. Long term
  2. B. Continuous
  3. C. Short term
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: Long term

3.________of management is likely to be another key agenda item.

  1. A. Performance
  2. B. Expansion
  3. C. Decision
  4. D. Quality

Answer: Quality

4. The_________ and control systems should be altered to support the strategic human resource function.

  1. A. Job allotment
  2. B. Appointment
  3. C. reward
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: reward

5. Strategic thinking is a ______ process.

  1. A. Long term
  2. B. continuous
  3. C. Short term
  4. D. All of the above

Answer: continuous

6. HR professionals has to be skilled in the art of ___________

  1. A. Handling people
  2. B. Clarifying
  3. C. Both (A) and (B)
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: Clarifying

7. Finding ways to reduce ________ is a key responsibility of management.

  1. A. Stress
  2. B. uncertainty
  3. C. Dissatisfaction
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: uncertainty

8. __________is considered as a strategic activity.

  1. A. Productivity
  2. B. Planning
  3. C. Recruitment
  4. D. All of the above

Answer: Recruitment 

9. HRM is__________

  1. A. A line function
  2. B. A staff functions
  3. C. A staff function, line function and accounting function
  4. D. All of the above

Answer:  A staff functions

10. ___________executives take a full part in the strategic planning process.

  1. A. Human Resource
  2. B. Training & Development
  3. C. Production
  4. D. Quality Control

Answer: Training & Development 

11. Pettigrew & Whipp identified ____________central factors for managing change successfully.

  1. A. Three
  2. B. Two
  3. C. Five
  4. D. Six

Answer: Five

12.  ________aims to put a financial measure on an organization’s intellectual capital.

  1. A. Financial organization
  2. B. The consortium
  3. C. Knowledge exchange
  4. D. Financial planning

Answer: Knowledge exchange

13. The meaning of the acronym HRM is__________

  1. A. Human Resource Management
  2. B. Human Resourceful Management
  3. C. Humanistic Resource Management
  4. D. Human Relations Management

Answer: Human Resource Management

14. ___________ issues tend to be well disguised.

  1. A. Economical
  2. B. Political
  3. C. Social
  4. D. Territorial

Answer: Territorial

15. ___________ suggests Human Resource Strategy in itself may not be effective.

  1. A. Anonymous
  2. B. Tony Groundy
  3. C. Peter Drucker
  4. D. John Zimmerman

Answer: Tony Groundy

16. HR professional should apply risk management techniques to the different aspects of___________ 

  1. A. HR Strategies
  2. B. HR Competencies
  3. C. HR Development
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: HR Strategies

17. Developing characteristics of people needed to run business in _____________

  1. A. Medium term
  2. B. long term
  3. C. Short term
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: long term

18. Individual level where people are usually motivated to close the gap between their current and desired _________.

  1. A. Performance
  2. B. Skills
  3. C. capabilities
  4. D. Expectations

Answer: capabilities

19. The _______ programme once installed must be continued on a permanent basis.

  1. A. Training & Development
  2. B. Recruitment
  3. C. Job evaluation
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: Job evaluation

20A _______is a written record of the duties, responsibilities and conditions of the job.

  1. A. job description
  2. B. Job ranking
  3. C. Job enrichment
  4. D. Job enlargement

Answer: job description

21. Section ______of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947, states that an employer should only retrench employees who have been most recently hired.

  1. A. 25-GF
  2. B. 24-G
  3. C. 24-GF
  4. D. 25-G

Answer: 25-G 

22. Union leaders at different levels & at federations are elected on________.

  1. A. political considerations
  2. B. democratic principle
  3. C. employer’s recommendation
  4. D. seniority basis

Answer: democratic principle

23. ______ is the simple act of comparison & learning for organizational improvement.

  1. A. Feedback
  2. B. Benchmarking
  3. C. Job evaluation
  4. D. Ranking

Answer: Benchmarking

24. __________ is defined as the record of outcomes produced on a specific job function or activity during a specific time period.

  1. A. Work function
  2. B. Evaluation
  3. C. Performance
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: Performance

25. For closure, every worker is to be compensated with ________ average pay for every year of service completed. 

  1. A. 15 days
  2. B. 20 days
  3. C. 25 days
  4. D. 10 days

Answer: 15 days

26.  ________is the personnel activity by means of which the enterprise determines the extent to which the employee is performing the job effectively.

  1. A. Work evaluation
  2. B. Job evaluation
  3. C. Performance evaluation
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: Performance evaluation

27. The business side of the process begins with the strategic__________ as the guiding framework.

  1. A. Policy
  2. B. HR
  3. C. Plan
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: Plan

28. Competitive edge comes from the __________of people.

  1. A. Hard work
  2. B. Efforts
  3. C. Quality
  4. D. Competency

Answer: Quality

29. A_________ is a vertical move in rank and responsibility.

  1. A. Appraisal
  2. B. Increment
  3. C. Promotion
  4. D. None of the above

Answer: promotion 

30. The _________ provides the essential information on which each job is evaluated.

  1. A. Job ranking
  2. B.  Job enrichment
  3. C. job description
  4. D. Job enlargement

Answer: job description

31. Organizational goals should be_____________

  1. random
  2. ambiguous
  3. vagu
  4. achievable

Answer: achievable

32. Reporting relationships and working conditions related to a job is stated in  _______

  1. job analysis
  2. job descriptions
  3. job specifications
  4. None

Answer: job descriptions

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