General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Bank Exam

Banking GK Questions and Answers | GK Questions for Bank Exams

Banking GK Quiz: In this page, we have listed important General knowledge question and answers for bank exams. These questions have been often asked in bank exams. So these questions are given for your knowledge. Candidate need to cover the following topics like digital electronics, basic software and hardware knowledge, computer networking and DMS etc. Banking Industry job has safety as well as job stability. Most of the candidates try to solve  a maximum number of questions without taking a note. That for every wrong answer, negative marking for applies. This is a major reason for their failure in bank exams. Guesswork does not work in such competitive exams. So candidates are practice this below questions be confident.

Here we have prepared 30 GK questions and answers for bank exam. It will develop your skills as well as enhance your knowledge. Aspirants who are preparing for bank exams can practice these below questions. We have regularly updates General questions in our site. Keep Practice lots of bank General Knowledge questions daily. Candidates continue to reading the Indian Constitution GK questions and answers. These below banking GK questions are most important in competitive exams.

Read the Given below GK Questions and Answer for Bank Exam

1. Which of the following banks was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1919?

A. Bank of Maharashtra

B. Bank of Baroda

C. Union Bank of India

D. State Bank of Saurashtra

Answer: Union Bank of India

2. Which of the following terms is used in banking field?

A. Sedimentary

B. Input devices

C. Interest rate swap

D. Zero Hour

Answer: Interest rate swap

3. Expand the term EMI as used in banking/finance sector?

A. Equated Mortgage Investment

B. Equal Monthly Investment

C. Equated Monthly Instalment

D. Easy Monthly Instalment

Answer: Equated Monthly Installment

4.  Which of the following is decided by Bank rate?

A. Reserve Bank of India

B. Securities and Exchange Board of India

C. State Bank of India

D. Government Of India

Answer: Reserve Bank of India

5. Which of the following public sector banks has the largest number of branches in foreign countries?

A.  Punjab National Bank

B. Bank of India

C. Bank of Baroda

D. Corporation Bank

Answer: Bank of Baroda

6. The only merger of two public sector banks took place between______________

A. Allahabad Bank and United Bank of India

B. Bank of India and New Bank of India

C. Punjab National Bank and New Bank of India

D. Punjab National Bank and Bank of Rajasthan

Answer: Punjab National Bank and New Bank of India

7. What does M in M-Banking Facility being offered by banks to their customers, stand for?

A. Marginal

B. Money

C. Mobile Phone

D. Message

Answer: Mobile Phone

8. At which of the following cities is the Head Office of Reserve Bank of India located?

A. New Delhi

B. Mumbai

C. Kolkata

D. Dehradun

Answer: Mumbai

9. In which year was the Imperial Bank of India rechristened as State Bank of India?

A. 1962

B. 1955

C. 1957

D. 1965

Answer: 1955

10. The reserves held by Commercial Banks over and above the statutory minimum, with the RBI are called

A. Cash reserves

B. Excess reserves

C. Deposit reserves

D.  Momentary reserves

Answer: Excess reserves

11. The Imperial Bank of India, after its nationalization came to be known as_____________

A. United Bank of India

B. Reserve Bank of India

C. Indian Overseas Bank

D.  State Bank of India

Answer:  State Bank of India

12. Banking in India is controlled by___________

A. Union Finance Commission

B. Reserve Bank of India

C. Union Ministry of Finance

D. Union Ministry of Commerce

Answer: Reserve Bank of India

13. Regional Rural Banks are sponsored by___________

A. Reserve Bank of India

B. State Bank of India

C. Nationalized Commercial Bank

D. Government of India

Answer: Nationalized Commercial Bank

14. In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established ?

A. 1949

B. 1935

C. 1947

D. 1952

Answer: 1935

15. Which is the country’s third largest private sector lender whose name has been officially changed to the Axis Bank ltd. ?

A. Centurion Bank

B. Lord Krishna Bank

C. HDFC Bank

D. UTI Bank

Answer: UTI Bank

16. Which of the following is the apex institution which handles refinance for agriculture and rural development in India?





Answer: NABARD

17.  Expand the term LIBOR as used in financial banking sectors?

A. Local Indian Bank Offered Rate

B. London-India Bureau Of Regulations

C. London Inter Bank Offered Rate

D.  Liberal International Bank Official Ratio

Answer: London Inter Bank Offered Rate

18.  In which denomination were India’s first bimetallic coins issued in the year 2009?

A. Rs. 1

B. Rs. 10

C. Rs. 5

D. Rs. 100

Answer: Rs. 10

19. Who has became the fastest Indian to complete Ironman Malaysia in a record timing of 12 hours and 14 minutes?

A.  Anil Chauhan

B. Ranbir Singh

C.  Alok Singh Kler

D. Swaroop Singh Kuntal

Answer: Swaroop Singh Kuntal

20. Which of the following is SARFAESI Act 2002 related?

A. Regulation of Foreign Exchange

B. Recovery of bad loans

C. Acquisition of small banks

D. Fixation of interest rates

Answer: Recovery of bad loans

21. Who has been appointed as the 47th Chief Justice of India?

A. Justice AR Sirohi

B. Justice Bobde

C. Justice SK Sahni

D. Justice NV Ramana

Answer: Justice Bobde

22. National Corporate Social Responsibility Awards (NCSRA) is instituted by which ministry?

A. Ministry of Commerce & Industry

B. Ministry of Corporate Affairs

C. Ministry of Minority Affairs

D. Ministry of Human Resource and Development

Answer: Ministry of Corporate Affairs

23. When the value added tax was first introduce in India?

A. 2007

B. 2005

C. 1999

D. 2001

Answer: 2005

24. What are teaser loan rates charged by banks?

A. Floating rate of interest charged by banks

B. Higher rate of interest in the initial period which goes down subsequently

C. Low rate of interest in the initial period which goes up subsequently

D. Rate of interest which is competitively changed in relation to other banks

Answer:  Low rate of interest in the initial period which goes up subsequently

25.  With which of following types of loans are teaser rates related?

A.  Home loans

B.  Auto loans

C.  Personal loans

D. Reverse mortgage loans

Answer: Home loans

26. The Central government has formed a panel to suggest measures to mitigate financial stress in the sector. Who is head of this panel?

A. Rajiv Gauba

B. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

C. Hardeep Singh Puri

D. Jitendra Singh

Answer: Hardeep Singh Puri

27. Which bank has launched a MSME mentoring programme in west Bengal?

A. Indian Bank

B. Reserve Bank

C. UTI Bank

D. State Bank

Answer: Indian Bank

28. Regional rural bank were established in the year________

A. 1985

B. 1975

C. 1967

D. 1990

Answer: 1975

29. The fiscal policy of India is formulated by the _______

A. Ministry of Corporate

B. Ministry of Corporate

C. Finance Ministry

D. None

Answer: Finance Ministry 

30. When was Exim Bank set up?

A. 1982

B. 1992

C. 1885

D. 1996

Answer: 1982

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