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Web Technology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers |  Web Technology MCQ online Test

 Web Technology MCQ Quiz:  A web browser is used to access web pages. Web Technology consider to the various tools and techniques that are used in the communication process between different types device on the internet. Web browsers can be defined as programs that display text, data, images, animation, audio and video on the Internet. Here, we have updated 30 web technology mcq online test questions, web technology multiple choice questions and answers, web technology mcq questions and answer pdf are available in this page. The below links are useful for people who are preparing for competitive exams, interviews, placement and various examination.

The WWW is abbreviated as world wideweb. Web technology is used for ease of information access. Messaging, photo sharing and video sharing is never have been so easy. But now you can easily download the music, movies, TV shows, and games etc. Lots of information are gathered in web technology. Read the given below web technology objective questions clearly then without looking the answers. Choose the correct answer from the given options. Day by day practice this web technology questions it will helpful for today’s world.

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Advanced Web Technology MCQ Questions and Answers:

1. A much better approach to establish the base URL is to use__________

  1. HEAD element
  2. BASE element
  3. Both (a) and (b)
  4. None

Answer: BASE element

2. Symbol used at the beginning of the HREF text is_________

  1.  (C) &
  2. (A) #
  3. (B) $
  4. (D) ^

Answer: (A) #

3.  From which tag descriptive list starts?

  1. <DS>
  2. <DD>
  3. <LL>
  4. <DL>

Answer: <DL>

4. Which method of the Component class is used to set the position and size of a component in JSP?

  1. setSize()
  2. setBounds() method
  3. setPosition()
  4. setPositionSize()

Answer: setBounds() method

5. What are Empty elements and is it valid?

  1. No, it is not valid to use Empty Element
  2. Empty elements are element with no data
  3. No, there are no such terms as Empty Element
  4. None

Answer: Empty elements are element with no data

6. Which of the following is a container?

  1. <SELECT>
  2. <BODY>
  3. <INPUT>
  4. Both (a) and (b)

Answer: Both (a) and (b)

7.  How can you open a link in a new browser window?

  1. < a href = “url” target = “new”>
  2. <a href = “url” target= “_blank”>
  3. <a href = “url” target =”open”>
  4. <a href = “url”.new>

Answer: <a href = “url” target= “_blank”>

8. The tag used to create a hypertext relationship between current document and another URL is___________

  1. <LINK>
  2. <A>
  3. <ISINDEX>
  4. None

Answer: <LINK>

9.  Which of the following statement is not true regarding JavaScript?

  1. A JavaScript embedded in an HTML document is compiled and executed by the client browser
  2. JavaScript is an object-based language
  3. JavaScript is a loosely typed language
  4. JavaScript is event driven

Answer: A JavaScript embedded in an HTML document is compiled and executed by the client browser

10. Which tag creates a number/order list?

  1. <UL>
  2. <OT>
  3. <OL>
  4. None

Answer: <OL>

11. Markup tags tell the web browser___________

  1. How to display the page
  2. How to display message box on page
  3. How to organize the page
  4. None

Answer: How to display the page

12. The map definition file is generally stored in____________

  1. BIN
  3. CGI-BIN
  4. All of the above

Answer: CGI-BIN

13. The attribute, which define the relationship between current document and HREF’ed URL is

  1. REL
  2. URL
  3. REV
  4. All of the above

Answer: REV

14. Which of the following options is correct with regard to HTML?

  1. It is a DTP language
  2. It is a modeling language
  3. It is used to structure documents
  4. It is a partial programming language

Answer: It is used to structure documents

15. How can you make an e-mail link?

  1. <a href =”mail to: xxx@y.com”>
  2. <a href = “xxx@y.com”>
  3. <mail href +”xxx@y.com”>
  4.  None

Answer: <a href =”mail to: xxx@y.com”>

16. Web pages starts with which of the following tag?

  1. <Title>
  2. <Form>
  3. <Body>
  4. <HTML>

Answer: <HTML>

17. Correct HTML tag for the largest heading is_______________

  1. <h6>
  2. <heading>
  3. <head>
  4. <h1>

Answer: <h1>

18. Correct HTML to left align the content inside a table cell is____________

  1. <td leftalign>
  2. <td align = “left”>
  3. <td raligh = “left” >
  4. <tdleft>

Answer: <td align = “left”>

19.  In ASP the function which returns an expression formatted as a date or time is_________

  1. FormatDateOrTime()
  2. FormatTimeDate()
  3. FormatDateTime()
  4. FormatDateAndTime()

Answer: FormatDateTime()

20. What i s the correct HTML for adding a background color?

  1. <body color = “Green”>
  2. <body bg color = “Green”>
  3. <background>green<Background>
  4. <body bg =“green”>

Answer:  <body bgcolor = “green”>

21. What method is used to specify a container’s layout in JSP?

  1. setContainerLayout()
  2. Layout()
  3. setLayout()
  4. ContainerLayout()

Answer: setLayout()

22. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding multimedia on the web?

  1. The MPEG, AU and MIDI are cross-platform formats
  2. The SND format has a relatively low fidelity
  3. The MPEG, AIFF and WAV are cross-platform formats
  4. VRML can be used to model and display 3D interactive graphics

Answer: The MPEG, AIFF and WAV are cross-platform formats

23. The web standard allows programmers on many different computer platforms to dispersed format and display the information server. These programs are called___________

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Web Browsers
  3. HTML
  4. None

Answer: Web Browsers

24. What value does readLine() return when it has reached the end of a file in JSP?

  1. False
  2. Null
  3. EOF
  4. Last character in the file

Answer: Null

25. In JSP, the classes that allow primitive types to be accessed as objects are known as________

  1. Object classes
  2. Primitive classes
  3. Wrapper classes
  4. Boxing classes

Answer: Wrapper classes

26. HTML is a subset of

  1. SGMT
  2. SGML
  3. SGMD
  4. None

Answer: SGML

27. HTML stands for?

  1. Hyper Tabular Markup Language
  2. Hyper Text Markup Language
  3. High Text Markup Language
  4. None

Answer: Hypertext Markup Language

28. Any part of the graphic that is not included in another hot zone is considered to be part of__________

  1. Point
  2. default
  3. Rect
  4. Polygon

Answer: Default

29. The latest HTML standard is________

  1. XML
  2. HTML 4.0
  3. SGML
  4. HTML 5.0

Answer: HTML 5.0

30. www is based on which model?

  1. Client-server
  2. Local-server
  3. 3-tier
  4. None

Answer: Client-server

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