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Ecology and Ecosystem Multiple Choice Questions Quiz | 30 Ecology and Ecosystem MCQ Questions PDF 

Ecology and Ecosystem Quiz: In this section we discuss about Ecosystem and Ecology MCQ Questions, Ecosystem and Ecology MCQ Questions PDF, MCQ on ecology and ecosystem questions, Ecology and Ecosystem objective questions are listed below. Candidate download free PDF link for Ecosystem and Ecology. The Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. They given raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes. Living things interact with each other and also with non-living things such as soil, water and air. The main source of energy for life on Earth comes from the sun. Ecosystems often contain many living things and can be as small as your backyard. candidate practice the below ecology and ecosystem questions clearly.

Read the given 30 ecology and ecosystem questions clearly. Each questions has four alternatives you have to identify the correct option. We have currently update the below sports mcq questions and answer and marketing management MCQ Questions and answer. Candidate use the below links. To know the more the general knowledge questions kindly lock in touch with our website daily.

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Ecology and Ecosystem MCQ Questions 

1. The eggshell of birds becomes thin by the pollution from pesticides due to the interference in the activity of___________

  1. Calmodulin
  2. Ca-ATPase
  3. Calcium
  4. MgATPase

Answer: Ca-ATPase

2. This ecosystem constitutes a systematic link between terrestrial and marine ecosystems__________

  1. Mangrove forests
  2. Evergreen forests
  3. Rain forests
  4. Mango forests

Answer:  Mangrove forests

3. dB is the abbreviation used for the quantitative expression of a _________

  1. Particular Pollutant
  2. The density of bacteria in a medium
  3. A pesticide
  4. Dominant Bacillus in a culture

Answer: Particular Pollutant

4.  An orchid living on a tree exhibits___________

  1. Mutualism
  2. Parasitism
  3. Commensalism
  4. None

Answer: Commensalism

5. The process of vernalization is practised in_____________

  1. sub-tropical countries
  2. Hot countries
  3. Cold countries
  4. tropical countries

Answer: Cold countries

6. In an ecosystem, the energy flow is always____________

  1. In any direction
  2. Always unidirectional
  3. Always bidirectional
  4. Always down directional

Answer: Always unidirectional

7. ________requires maximum energy.

  1. Primary producer
  2. Secondary consumer
  3. Primary consumer
  4. Decomposer

Answer: Primary producer

8.  In thermal stratification, the middle region which shows vertical temperature change is called___________

  1. Hypolimnion
  2. Metalimnion
  3. Epilimnion
  4. Mesolimnion

Answer: Mesolimnion

9. The upper part of an aquatic ecosystem contains_________

  1. Benthos
  2. Nekton
  3. Plankton
  4. None

Answer: Plankton

10. Which of the following orders of food chain is correct?

  1. Herbivorous, Ominivorous, Detrivorous, Carnivorous
  2. Herbivocous, Ominivorous, Carnivorous, Detrivorous
  3. Ominivorous, Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Detrivorous
  4. Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Omnivorous, and Detrivorous

Answer: Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Omnivorous, and Detrivorous

11.  All species of Lemur are endemic to which area?

  1. Galapagos Island
  2. Madagascar
  3. Seychelles Island
  4. New Caledonia

Answer: Madagascar

12. The natural place of an organism or community is known as__________

  1. biome
  2. habitat
  3. niche
  4. none

Answer: habitat

13. Who can declare an area to be constituted as a national park according to Wild Life Act ?

  1. Central Government
  2. High Court
  3. Supreme Court
  4. State Government

Answer: State Government

14. Which of the following is not a biotic component of the ecosystem ?

  1. Plants
  2. Bacteria
  3. Animals
  4. Air

Answer: Air

15.  Lincoln index measures______________

  1. Population size
  2. Population density
  3. Population mortality rate
  4. Population natality rate

Answer: Population size

16. Besides species diversity and ecosystem diversity, which of the following is included in the term ‘bio-diversity’?

  1. Genetic diversity
  2. Climatic diversity
  3. Cultural diversity
  4. Lingual diversity

Answer: Genetic diversity

17. Which one of the following regions is characterized by sensitive ecosystems, enhanced occurrences of extreme weather events and natural catastrophes?

  1. Tropical region
  2. Tundra region
  3. Evergreen forest region
  4. Mountain region

Answer: Mountain region

18. Which of the following is the top carnivorous animal ?

  1. Bird
  2. Snake
  3. Tiger
  4. Buffalo

Answer: Tiger

19. The bottom area where production is less than respiration in a pond ecosystem is termed as________

  1. Benthic zone
  2. Profundal zone
  3. Limnetic zone
  4. Tidal zone

Answer: Profundal zone

20.  Which is the renewable exhaustible natural energy resource?

  1. petroleum
  2. forest
  3. coal
  4. Kerosene

Answer: forest

21. Which one of the following regions of India is known as “biodiversity hot-spot” ?

  1. Western Ghats
  2. Thar desert
  3. Deccan plateau
  4. Eastern Ghats

Answer: Western Ghats

22. Plants growing under shade are known as____________

  1. Sciophytes
  2. Psamophytes
  3. Monocots
  4. Heliophytes

Answer: Sciophytes

23. Which one of the following is the major characteristic of deciduous trees?

  1. They synthesize their own food.
  2. They shed their leaves annually.
  3. They depend on other factors for their food.
  4. They do not lose their leaves.

Answer: They shed their leaves annually.

24. Troposphere and Thermosphere belong to_________

  1. Earth’s atmosphere
  2. Lithosphere
  3. Biosphere
  4. Hydrosphere

Answer: Earth’s atmosphere

25. What is the transition zone between two ecosystems known as?

  1. Ecotone
  2. Biome
  3. Biotope
  4. Ecotype

Answer: Ecotone

26. The amount of organic matter present at given time per unit area is called__________

  1. standing quality
  2. standing crop
  3. carbon content
  4. carbon foot print

Answer: standing crop

27. The water vapour  present in the unit volume of air called is __________ 

  1. relative humidity
  2. absolute humidity
  3. static humidity
  4. total humidity

Answer: absolute humidity

28. Plants growing under direct sunlight are known as___________

  1. Heliophytes
  2. Psamophytes
  3. Sciophytes
  4. none

Answer: Heliophytes

29. Any features of an organism or its part which enable it to exit under condition of its habitat is known as __________

  1. adaptation
  2. adjustment
  3. adaptive variation
  4. acclimatization

Answer: adaptation

30. Which one is a ‘K’ selected species?

  1. Human
  2. Aspergillus
  3. Taraxacum
  4. All of the above

Answer: Human

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