Perl Language Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Perl Language Online Test Quiz Questions| Multiple Choice Questions and Answer on Perl Language

Perl MCQ Quiz

We have to listed the below Perl Language Multiple choice questions and answers. Applicant who are Finding the Perl MCQ online quiz advised to use this. To know the perl MCQ online questions, candidate  check the below questions. Perl is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation. Now it is used for  wide range of tasks adding system administration, web development, network programming, GUI development etc.  Processing of text files and analysis of the strings is one of the major application of Perl language. Perl also used for  Common Gateway Interface scripts, web development, Graphical User Interface development.

Perl Online Quiz Questions and Answer

These perl language multiple choice questions with answers are for candidates who are preparing for interview, entrance exam and various competitive examination. You can spend your time in this page to learn Perl MCQ online questions and answer. Read the given below Perl Online MCQ Questions clealry then choose the appropriate answers. Here we have given the PHP MCQ Quiz, CSS MCQ Quiz and Financial management quiz. candidate are use this opportunity to develop knoweldge as well as skills.

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Perl Language MCQ Quiz Questions and Answer

1. When you create a variable, you may assume it starts off containing_________

  1. The boolean value “false”
  2. 1
  3. You may not make any assumption
  4. A null string (or 0 arithmetically)

Answer: The boolean value “false”

2. In Perl, the words function and subroutines are used interchangeably_________

  1. False
  2. True
  3. None
  4. All the above

Answer: True

3. What will be the value in the variable $a after these two statements: $a = “Happy”; $a = “Sunday”;?

  1. “Happy”
  2. “Happy Sunday”
  3. “HappySunday”
  4. “Sunday”

Answer: “Sunday”

4. Scalar is denoted by_______in Perl

  1.  ^
  2. $
  3. #
  4. %

Answer: $

5.  When a string is used for numeral computations, perl converts it into_______

  1. floating point number
  2. character
  3. number
  4. boolean value

Answer: number

6.  Which allows the user to scroll through the entire program line by line in Perl.

  1. Using the built-in debugger
  2. Using the strict pragma
  3. Using the built-in error
  4. Using the string pragma

Answer: Using the built-in debugger

7.  Language which features rich text processing capabilities and flexibility is__________

  1. Ada
  2. Perl
  3. Visual Basic
  4. None

Answer: Perl

8.  Command line arguments in Perl are stored in________

  1. Resource
  2. Scalar
  3. Array
  4. Hash

Answer: Array

9. Which of the following is used in perl?

  1. elsif
  2. else if
  3. elseif
  4. elif

Answer: elsif

10. Which function is used by perl for displaying the length of a string?

  1. len
  2. string
  3. length
  4. split

Answer: length

11. Scalar stores__________

  1. Double value
  2. Float value
  3. Single value
  4. Multiple value

Answer: Single value

12. What is the facility that allows nesting one select statement into another?

  1. subquerying
  2. binding
  3. nesting
  4. encapsulating

Answer: subquerying

13. When you’re pattern matching, you describe the pattern using____

  1.  A template
  2. A MySQL select statement
  3. A string in double quotes
  4. A regular expression

Answer: A MySQL select statement

14. When the “require function loads?

  1. Both
  2. Runtime
  3. Compile time
  4. None

Answer: Runtime

15.  The getdir command____________

  1. Reads a single file name from an open directory handle
  2. Only works after anopendir command
  3. Reads the rest of the file names from an open directory handle
  4. Is not a perl command

Answer: Is not a perl command

16. The Perl DBI is _____

  1. database integrity
  2. database inheritance
  3. database isolation
  4. database interface

Answer: database interface

17.  The “+= is which type of operator?

  1. Arithmetic operators
  2. comparison operators
  3. Increment/ decrements operators
  4. Assignment operators

Answer: Assignment operators

18. Select comparison operator from the options.

  1. &&
  2. *=
  3.  =
  4.  !=

Answer: !=

19.  Which of these is NOT available for Perl____________

  1. Individual and site licenses
  2. Perl, legally, for freeC
  3. Full documentation of the language which you can print out yourself
  4. A Caribbean cruise in 2006 on which you can meet some of the Perl gurus

Answer: Full documentation of the language which you can print out yourself

20. What will be printed by the code below? my $val = {}; print ref($val);

  1. Array
  2. empty value
  3. Scalar
  4. Hash

Answer: Hash

21. It is often more convenient to save perl program files with ____ extension

  1. awk
  2. .sh
  3. .pl
  4. .gp

Answer: .pl

22. What will display the list of warning messages regarding the code?

  1. Using the built-in debugger
  2. Strict pragma
  3. The -w Command-line argument
  4. None

Answer: Using the built-in debugger

23. Which function is used by perl for reversing a string?c

  1. reverse
  2. rev
  3. split
  4. substr

Answer:  reverse

24. Which of the following statement repeats a statement or group of statements until a given condition becomes true. It tests the condition before executing the loop body?

  1. Compile time
  2. Runtime
  3. Both
  4. None

Answer: Runtime

25. How do you perform a forward declaration of a subroutine performed?

  1. sub name
  2. forward sub name
  3. forward name
  4. sub name {}

Answer: forward sub name

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